New to the bussines! Help on fall-clean ups

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by royalinc, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. royalinc

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    Hello to every one!

    I am relatively new to the business and I want to star this fall season by doing residential fall clean-ups. What equipment do I need to perform the clean ups. Do you charge by the hour or do you have a flat rate per house?
    Thank in advance, for your help.

  2. awm

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    clean up can involve different things. mulching mower,brush cutter ,cutter hedge cutter,chain saw ,ladder, ropes,gloves,pesticide license helps id have to go out and look every thing over but im sure there are other things like a means to dispose of debree might do a search.
  3. kutnkru

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    Make sure that you have one of these to plow and bag those leaves.

    We basically blow the ornamental beds free of leaves/debris and then bag the properties up. Mulching I have learned is the way to fly and I will be trying that this season with double blades. The main idea is to keep the leaves and pine needles from smothering the grass.

    Hope this helps.

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Some guys have a lot of great gear. Me, I do it the simple and most cost effective way. I am phasing out of mowing, so I do not want to invest in any big equipment. For basic leaf cleanup, I start by blowing all leaves out of the beds into the lawn. Then I cut the lawn with the catcher on it and dump the debris into the bed of the truck. The leaves are pretty condensed when I use the Gator Magnums. As far as the charge, the normal mowing fee plus a nominal charge for labor (blowing) and a fee for each bag removed. On the invoice it has MAINTENANCE $________
    MISC. LABOR $________
    DISPOSAL $________
  5. dlandscaping

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    i guess others didnt read ur post u want to know equipment for leaf cleanup. it depends on how much your willing to spend and what equipment you allready have if u tell me what you have including truck and trailer than i can help you more. the basics are backpack blowers and a wheel blower like a billygoat. depending on your mowers i would suggest at least a jumo bag if not a trac vac for your walkbehinds and a leaf loader for your truck or trailer. backpacks are usually $400 for a good commercial one that will last and hold up i recomend stihl they are the most popular here i have 3 and they are great no problems at all and start on second pull i have the 400-420 series which have great power (there are some with a lil more power but ididnt see a difference between a 56.5 cc and a 62cc engine for like $100+ more) also the trottle is on the tube allowing for easier throtle control and u can pick things up with your other hand like sticks.
    i have a billygoat wheel blower with a 10hsp briggs it has a discharge shoot ucan move by the handle whichworks well when using it on hills. good luck with the fall cleanups. they are tough but they are good money
  6. 1grnlwn

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    I use a large trac vac w/8hp chipper shreader behind my small ztr (dixon) with mulching blades. The trac vac is huge and heavy and lends itself to large properties. Don't get me wrong I use it on the small ones too. My price works out to 3 times what mowing price would be. Plus more If I have to haul. I,m not set for hauling. Be careful, I have not ever had a leaf job be as easy as I thought it would be....

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