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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dwiall, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. dwiall

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    I recently purchased a new home and I am in the process of planning a patio. I have attached a link to a patio that we would really like but have no idea what something like this would cost. The area is flat so there should be little ground prep. I would just like to know if this is in my budget. I don't want to have someone spend thier time giving me a quote and find out it is way out of range. Thanks for the help and any suggestions. Here is the link to a picture.

  2. Isobel

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    it depends on a few things, but most importantly what is the square footage of the area you have?

    also the rate is going to vary on here because there are people here from across the country.
  3. dwiall

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    I like the size of the one in the picture. It looks to me that it might be about 25' x 25'. I am just looking for a ball park figure within a couple thousand. I live in Madison WI if that helps on the rate.

  4. mdvaden

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    The fireplace is not a patio.

    But were you including that in your expectations?

    The wall?

    The flat area price, barely compares to everything in that image if that's what you really have in mind.

    Just the foundation for the fireplace is one project in itself, or the whole thing will settle and tilt, if not done right.

    Few landscapers, if any, in our area can do that kind of mason work - fireplace that is. Maybe 1 in 500.
  5. theWRIGHTcut

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    if you lived in NJ that would run you about 9,000$... 15$ per sq/ft....
  6. S&MLL

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    15 a sqft pretty cheep for our area wright cut
  7. mcclureandson

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    Synthetic stone would closely mimic the look of those walls. with some labor/material savings..compliment with wet-laid natural flag...many sources for pre-fabbed outdoor fireplaces (veneer not included...match with matching synthetic wall material). Rough estimate for my small company (8-10 guys +/- 900k sales/yr) would be...

    Garden walls
    Wet-laid flagstone patio

    +/- $17,000 - $22000

    If you like the look of flagstone and real stone garden walls/fireplace...check out Belgard/Mega-arbel (sic) and Coronado stone websites for design/material ideas. The high price tag of this sort of project comes from the use of natural materials and the limited number of qualified stone-masons able to install professionally. Synthetics allow a close proximity to this finished look at a reduced materials rate, less waste and a larger number of qualified installers.
  8. theWRIGHTcut

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    S&MLL... what do you charge per square foot... I was told a while back never to charge less than 14 or higher than 16... what part of somerset county are you in? I'm outta Bridgewater...
  9. mdvaden

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    Formulas can be tough.

    A backyard that requires total wheelbarrow work, could be up to $10 higher, depending on the soil, drainage and conditions.
  10. PSUturf

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    We would be $30-35 per square foot for flagstone on a sand or limestone fine base. Belgard Mega Arbel would be about the same price.

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