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New to the forum

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dennis Davis, May 15, 2011.

  1. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis LawnSite Member
    Messages: 41

    Hello to all. I've been reading this forum for several weeks and it has been a joy to do so. It appears that everyone is friendly, helpful and truly enjoy the work that you do.

    I'm not in the lawn/landscaping trade, but I'm very fussy about my lawns. To help improve my lawns and save wear and tear on my mower, I bought a Mag-1000 to assure that my blades are balanced. At that time, I was using a hand grinder and file to sharpen the blades. They were "ok" but not as good as I wanted them to be. I couldn't stand it any longer, so I bit the bullet and bought a Mag-8000 which is currently on a UPS truck somewhere in the central states. I'm anxious to put that piece of equipment to good use.

    I retired in 2002 after a 42 year career with the Bell System and the Baby Bells. Now, I assist my wife with her home business, do some glass etching as a hobby, mow a couple of neighbors lawns, and drive part time for a car rental company. I may try to earn some cash with the Mag-8000 if I can become proficient with using it.

    Since you may wonder what lawn care equipment I use at the house, here's a list: ExMark Metro 21" walk behind, Snapper 21" commercial high lift, McClane trim and edger, Shindaiwa straight stick grass trimmer, and an Echo two stroke leaf blower...and a few brooms and dust pans. For me, getting out and mowing the lawn is pure therapy.

    I'm done writing about me. Again, I truly enjoy the commentary and banter that goes on in this forum. Thanks to each of you for your input and effort to create such a nice forum.

    Dennis Davis
    Boise, Idaho

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