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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by onthesidelawncare, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Derek and I am just getting started in the lawn care business, I have been going for about a month and have only 5 accounts. This is my side job, work for the fire dept. in Jax. FL full time. Right now I have Echo trimmer, and edger, stihl backpack blower, troybuilt hedge trimmer. I have a residential grade toro 42" mower ( yes I know, but it is all I could afford saving for Dixi Chopper), I just got my Quick 36 today and I am very impressed, and a 21" push mower, all on a 5x10 open trailer. I think I have a pretty good starting point with my equipment, my trouble is getting customers being that I am starting in the middle of the season and all. I get plenty of time off with the fire dept. so I dont have to worry about that getting in the way. I guess my question is how to get customers. I walk everyday putting out doorhangers, and I have an ad going out in the mint mag. in the mandarin area starting next month for those who live in the area. Are these good ideas, any tips would go a long way. Anyone who lives around here I would like to discuss business stratagy (beer is on me). Also what do you south east guys do in the winter to make money. Thanks it is greatly appreciated.
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    1st off welcome to L.S this site is very informative and helpful. First 5 clients in a month is actually pretty god in todays market so what your doing is working. Sounds like you have pretty good starting equipment(until get comm mower). With the mower you have now I wouldnt recomed more than 20-25 clients(mower will wear out quick w/heavy use). Are you contacting the clients you get now? I ask because thats what will help carry you threw the winter. Which well irrigated lawn w/some timely fert only really slows down unless hard freeze. Thats the time you enjoy you can catch up from the BUSY SUMMER. :drinkup:
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    I am in virginia and it might snow once in the winter but snow removal is a rusty sideline of work, I can not justify the cost for the equipment for something that is hardly ever used.

    As for me, come fall (september) I do a LOT of core aeration and then leaves, and I put as much moolah aside as I can, more is better. I learned over the years to save my winter money first (I had my winter money saved this year by end of May), but also you need at least 5k and 6k is better, that's how I do it.

    That, and leaves keep me busy into February and then March things start back up, this past winter I think I had a 2-week break but that comes with time, my first couple of years I had more like 2 months off, heh...

    On the advertising, you're doing the right thing, keep passing out those flyers, do it more and more, pass them out until you pass out, then do it some more. Once you get to this point, you pass more out and right when you really can't stand it anymore, you do it some more :laugh: No, but I'm serious, I know it's not much fun, but do what you gotta do for now.

    Another way to look at it: Right now, passing out flyers is your job, that is what you do, yup, every single day until the cows come home (and as you've gathered, beyond even that). sorry in advance if it makes you a little crazy :)

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    Winter?? you are in FLA. It gets slow up here in NC but still work all year, as Marks fan said Enjoy the break!!

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