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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kennymo81, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Hi everyone. I started a small lawn cutting business to supplement my income in Delaware County PA. Im also a police officer. In one year im up to about 20 customers. In that one year I have had ups and downs including some bad used equipment purchases on craigslist and some crazy customers. Im learning alot and im excited to get some expert opinions. Im looking to expand and buy new equipment and I will be relying on your help and expertise. Eventually, I would like to pursue this full time. Thanks everyone.
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    I know a lot of firemen that get into this industry, not to many police officers. Good luck in your new venture, 20 accounts first year, not bad for a part timer. Do you think the badge helped you grow so quickly?
  3. kennymo81

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    I would say it helped a little bit. I think it gives the customer a little bit of extra trust, especially when you are going to be on their property when they are not home. In some cases I felt it hurt because they view you as less professional than a full time landscaper although I had worked for a landscaper for over two years.
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  4. ebassett

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    My guess is that for the majority of customers your background is a big plus.

    Good luck Kenny :)
  5. TX Easymoney

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    welcome aboard--
    lots of useful posts here....feel free to ask questions, most folks here are very friendly.....but also be prepared to defend your position at times, some of the natives have teeth and are not so friendly!

    for the most part, each time a new guy gets on the site, they seem to ask some of the same questions, so feel free to use the search feature, you'll find a wealth of answers many times...
    but also just stay engaged--
    good times!
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    Welcome to the site.:waving:

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