New to the site. 10 years doing design/install, want to get more maintenance

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jeff Maxwell, Jul 13, 2019.

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    My name is Jeff Maxwell and I have been in business just over 10 years in Austin, Texas. I do mostly native plant design and install, as well as paths/patios/retaining walls/steel edging etc. I have a small number of residential mow/maintain customers but I think I want to expand and get another truck and crew for that part. I started off not doing any mows, but now I see them as easy, steady money that I don't have to supervise as much. I know a whole lot about plants but less about business so I haven't made just a whole bunch of money so far. I hope to learn more about the business side and bidding from yall, as well as more about the ins and outs of commercial equipment.

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    Nice to meet ya Jeff! Sounds like you already learned the more skilled side of the industry putting a mowing crew together shouldn't be nearly as hard.
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    I’d think twice about getting in to maintenance. Especially residential. The bigger profit in my opinion is on the install type work you’re already doing. The happiest day I had in business was finally telling the last few resi maintenance customers no more. After the real estate crash in 2006 I decided to build up maintenance bc the install work really wasn’t there. We got to about 300 houses and it was a constant ass whip. Equipment and labor are very expensive and I felt it was a race to the bottom trying to compete with the illegals who mow for $25. All our monthly year round prices started at $150 and even at that price the customers expected the moon. Now we only mow apartment complexes and install strip center- new commercial property landscape and irrigation. Honestly we do 7 apartments on the SW side of Houston, they pay decent but nowhere the margin we get on installs.
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    There is a trend in this industry to get out of maintenance and focus more on higher profit segments such as what you are already doing. For many maintenance has become a nightmare due to a lack of labor.
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