New to the site...Dealer/Service Question

dan krem

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Homer Glen, IL
Alright, I'm new to the site but have been lurking for a bit. So much awesome info. I just purchased a house with 5 acres. A lot of natural growth, but I will still have about 3 acres to mow. My question revolves around dealer/service selection as I have already done a ton of research on several units (although if you have suggestions 8k and under, I will take that as well). Closest dealer is about 2 miles away but only deals JD/Exmark. I'm really interested in Scag, but closest shop is 35 minutes away. Ferris is about 20. How much weight do you put into a close shop? I have dealt with the JD place before and they actually came out to my place to work on my rider a year or two back. So I know they are solid....Just wondering if anyone favors a solid dealer over going out farther for the brand you want.


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The Garden State
Best of luck


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mountain pa
x2 solid dealer.

Two miles or twenty miles is not going to make a difference. If you expect the dealer to come to you, or pick up and take, when the mower needs service, negotiate that during the purchase.

I have owned JD and Scag. Currentl have Scag because of the dealer.


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I bought a Scag because I wanted a Scag even though the dealer is over an hour away. It's not like you have to run to the dealer every week. Buy what you want, not what is convenient.


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I'm lucky because I have the mower I want and a solid dealer that is a 2 minute drive from garage.

I'd research the dealers of the brands you want. They may be solid too. THen you have what you want and solid service.

That Guy Gary

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After having experience with great and horrible crappy dealers, I'd rather make a 30 min trip each way once to get an issue resolved than a 5 min one even twice.

It's never been just twice with one dealer.


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As a homeowner, dealer isn't quite as important as it is to a lawncre business. If your mower is down for 2 days it won't cost you $1200 in lost revenue.
Also with only 3 acres of mowing you are looking at about 1.5 hrs per week maximum mowing time with any decent ztr.
Versus 35-45 hrs per week on a machine run by a lawncare company.

My point is. Buy the machine you like.
It should last you 20 years or more with minimal maintenance. Do the required oil changes, air filters, and grease point's. And baring a defect it will last for 2000 hrs or more. Or in your case.
1300 weekly mowings.