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I just started my lawn business and today I looked at a John Deere GS30. It is last year's model and it was owned by a homeowner-not commercial use. The guy put a Trac-Vac on it and everything seems to be ok. It has right at 30 hrs. on it. My local dealer has it and he's selling it for the guy. Asking price is $2300.00. Is this a good deal? What should I look out for? I don't want to use my personal mower 'cause it's just a homeowner model and I don't want to have to replace it. Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated.


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If Im not mistaken that thing has a retail price of about 3k. That being said you are getting a 3k machine with a vac and only 30 hours on it, I would say go for it. Sounds like a good deal.


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Moline, IL
If this machine is equipped with the 36" deck, it is overpriced IMO.

I bought mine for $2200, the MSRP is $2500 on deere's site.

Not sure how much the trac-vacs cost, but if it were me, I would just buy a new one. 30 hours isn't a lot, but I probably wouldn't want to pay more than $1800.

That being said it is a nice mower. I bought mine at the begining of last season. No breakdowns, cuts great, extremely durable.


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New GS30 go's for $2300-$2500 for with 13hp. Not sure about the Vac price but I got my gs30 used three years ago for $900. and I love it. Starts first pull every time. I'm running Mobil 1 full synthetic. Heavy duty mower I love it. I would pay no more then $1600.

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