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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Ngs, Aug 17, 2010.

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    So im new to the whole hardscaping things of the business. Ive been doing a lot lawn installs, tree work, plantings and excavation through out the yrs and this year is the first year that i have had a high demands for walk ways and patios. Ive installed them working for a company in the past. But now that im on my own I have no idea where to start on how to price this kind of work. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks. Nick
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    Talk with a local supplier to see if they offer any courses, keep researching and start small, maybe do a project at your place first and keep tabs of what it cost you in all aspects like fuel, matierals, rentals, labour etc. Hopefully you have a basic understanding now or you may be in for a long ride. Good luck.
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    Gotta love the industry!

    "I'm too good to work for someone, yet I'm clueless when it comes to configuring a cost and a proposal. But I sure do have a nice shiney Pick Up Truck with a cool smelling diesel engine............ "


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    DVS I understand where you are comming from with the pricing we see these questions all of the time. But really did you know everything there was to know about hardscaping the day you opened your doors?

    NGS like Zeo said check with your suppliers. Around my area they usually have seminars a few times a year that are really good as to getting into the business and really learning how to price and correctly install there products. Do your research and don't take on a job bigger then what you are comfortabe with.
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    as a matter of fact.....YES, and that's why I am so GREAT :weightlifter:

    Maybe one of these day I'll start a topic. Maybe title it "Your Roots". We members can post pics of us in our beginning days. And when you see my pics - you'll see why I am able to answer "yes" :usflag:

    Disclaimer: when I say "members" I am meaning forum users, not the forum user's *members*.

    I was just havin a similar conversation with a buddy last night. I was saying that just because an employee may understand the work 100%, doesn't mean they understand and can manage business.

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    :laugh::laugh: That cant be more true for more then half of the people on this site and for who arent. :laugh::laugh:
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    Sounds like a cool topic, except maybe their aren't enough of us old timers on here! Then again........

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