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    I'm going to buy a new trimmer, blower, and a hand held edger. What brand is best. Local dealers can supply Shindiawa, Husqvarna, Echo, Stihl, and John Deere, and I would rate them all about the same as far as service. Thanks for your help!
  2. little green guy

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    I like redmax the best but if you can't get redmax i would go with shindia,if you get shindia get the t270 trimmer not the t230, and get the 6300 blower(i think thats what it is)
  3. Greenkeepers

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    We use Stihl. Take a beating and keep on running strong. Although we just got a good deal on an echo trimmer. It isn't too bad, but Still like the Stihl's..

    Try using the search for this, there should be a ton of posts out there!!

  4. bob

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    Shindaiwa, Trimmer t-270, Backpack blower EB630, Edger LE-260.
  5. Eric ELM

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    We use Shindaiwa T270 trimmers and a Redmax EB6200 blower. At the time we got this blower, Shindaiwa didn't make that big of a blower, so we went with Redmax, which has been great so far, third season on it and the trimmers. Someone decided they wanted our T27's and used the 10 finger discount to get them, so we replaced them with the T270's. The PB270 Power Broom from Shindaiwa is nice too, we got one of them at the same time.

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    i used to use stihl then i was asked to demo a husky by a local rep...thats all it took to convert me to husky sold all my stihl's been using husky for 5 years know and still use the first one i bought 5 years ago..yes it still runs..about had it though..i think i have 6 husky's and one echo 2400 the echo is not a bad machine ..but not a husky

    stihl br400 blowers are the best that i have used..don't have redmax or shind. dealers....just stihl, husky and echo
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    I have been loyal to echo products for 11 years. If I wanted to change now it would cost a fortune in all the replacement parts I have on hand.
  8. Keith

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    We have been replacing most of our stuff with Shindaiwa. We have T230 trimmers LE260 edgers and a EB630 blower. I have had Stihl, Echo and Maruyama in the past and I just like the Shindaiwa. I haven't had the EB630 blower long enough to know if I like it better than the BR400's, but it does have more power.

    BTW, in my opinion our T230's have as much power as any of the five Echo SRM 2400's we had. It is light weight and well suited for lawns that are maintained regularly.
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    One word: REDMAX!

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    DEMO THEM ALL then buy... but last year while i was getting
    a couple yards of soil i left my br400 shtil blower on the ground between my truck and trailer ( this was before i brought racks) pulled off and felt something weid..looked out the mirror and saw the trailer rise off the dirt guess whats guys i felt my heart drop to the floor....////##^^%$#@!^%^^&&(* well thats what i thought before i got out of the truck.. picked it up knock the dirt off poped the swivel arm back in and used it the rest of the day it cracked the back support and the engine cover no big deal...
    "Thanks God" but don't let this influecne you in anyway...

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