New Toro mower with all 3 spindles bad

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by louviljlj, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. louviljlj

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    I bought a new Toro 48" walk behind mower about a week ago off the internet. It came boxed in crate completely new. It has had vibration and noise issues since day one and I noticed that the spindles had a lot of warp to them but I had a hard time excepting that all of them could be bad. I had a friend come over who has worked as a Lawnmower service person and he confirme with me that the the two outer spindles had serious warps and the middle one bearings are shot grinding noise with the grease running out the bottom shields. I emailed Toro today about whether they are having problems with the spindles from this lot and what I can do to get it fixed. I don't have a service center in my town and since I ordered it off the internet bringing it to another town to get it fixed may be a problem. I emailed that I could send them video of the problem and maybe they could just send me new spindles. Anyone else have problems with new mower and bad spindles?
  2. MMLawn

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    Perfect example of why to buy your commercial mowers from a dealer.....even if you have to drive. You may be screwed too, as a lot of makers state to their dealers because of protected areas that if they sale equipment over the internet the warranty is void.
  3. louviljlj

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    I called Toro prior to ordering to make sure that the company I was ordering from was an Authorized dealer "National Lawn Equipment" and they said they were and I would get the full 2 year warranty. There are no dealers in my town and the closest ones are 40 miles away. I tried calling them about buying a walk behind from them and I didn't get much help so ordered it from the internet. I can see how now it may be a hassle to get a service center that knows how to work on my mower since they don't appear to be very common in Lousiana and since they didn't sell it to me they might not want to work on it. Hoping Toro will help me out and just send me spindles I can install myself.
  4. Precision

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    I bought my gravely from a moron dealer. I now bring it to another dealer (45 miles away)for work, and they are perfectly happy to work on it. The engine had some issues and I took that to my local scag / toro dealer (authorized kohler repair center) and they are fixing it under warranty. There really should be an issue so long as toro honors the warranty.
  5. louviljlj

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    Toro emailed me that any service center that sales/services thier products is obligated to fix my unit no matter where purchased and that a one week turnaround is acceptable. I called one and they said to bring in Friday and it will take 5 working days to get parts and have it fixed. I have a backup mower so that is fine.

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