new toro or exmark hydro WB and lesco trade

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Jan 31, 2002.

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    i want a new hydro walkbehind. Either a toro 44 hydro sfs deck with 17 kaw electric start (dealer less than 5 min away i can walk the machine there if i wanted) or exmark 48 tthp with 17 hsp kaw electric start(dealer close to 30 min away doesnt discount). i have spent close to $4k at the toro dealer and he throws in discounts and such and i should have bought more off him. the exmark dealer i have spen over $2500 at and the biggest discount on an 8000 dollar machine i could get was $200 at the end of the season. Toro is more popular in my area and the exmark dealers prices are high. i know these machines are about $4500 or so but i want a hydro and want to mulch mostly. Is the toro any good for mulching with the sfs deck? Exmark is a good mulcher but for the price i dont believe i could spend almost $5400 on a 48 hydro with a bag and mulch kit. A ztr would be of little use as of now and i have no place to store it. any opinions on the following machines would be appreciated.

    i have a 2001 lesco 48 gear with a 15hsp kaw twin engine and a new metal catcher (used 2 times) the machine is in perfect condition and has only 26 hours on it. i dont like this machine and want the floating deck and hydro as well as a good cutting machine. What could i expect for a trade in value or resale value of this machine?
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    Dealer support is worth many $$$ to you. As much as I don't want to say it, I would lean toward the toro. Did I just say that?
  3. It's there in B&W HOSS.

    I would have to agree with ya.

    the time saved to the dealer can make the discision also.
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    I have a 36" Toro hydro which I use for back yards. It has the 15hp Kohler and does a good job -- plenty of power.

    My friend has the 44" hydro with the same motor and he doen't like it -- says it's under powered.

    If I were you, I'd be looking at the 52", but I don't know if they offer the SFS deck on that size.

    As far as mulching goes, I just put a piece of expanded metal across the discharge chute when I need to. Surprisningly, it does a very nice job of mulching, but I do use the Gator high-lifts on it too.
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    Go with Dealer support when it come to Toro or Ex. Down time really screws things up.Toros now have a plastic baffle kit, no more simple plate over the discharge. See if the dealer will throw in a free mulch kit if you go with the Toro.

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