New Toy - Yaaaaay - 15 Yrs in the making

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by BestImpressions99, Oct 20, 2013.

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    Ok, so, about 150 of our guys here viewed my last post and like I did after taking a look at it a few hours later, might have felt it was a little absurd... so, not spending time on the past... I've had it removed and here is a re-post.

    I am truly T-R-U-E-L-Y excited about a purchase yesterday. Finally a Wright Stander is on our trailer.

    Wright Stander X - 2012 - 52", 22 HP Kawi FX. Love it. I volunteered to do extra work over the next week or two just so I can use it LOL. A little bit of a sad story though resulting in the purchase. :(

    Our 2005 Toro ZTR had a catostrophic air pocket develop, causing the mower to not go in any direction at all. Since probably around June the repair shop has had it but continues to say they can't find it, already maxing out their labor on the project. We specifically told them to NOT put on any major items without telling us... they put on a $400 wheel motor. The master mechanic at the shop is now avoiding my dads calls. :cry: So... he called me yesterday morning and said that he was going to tell the owner of the store/shop that he can keep the mower, push it into the creek and keep his wheel motor :walking:.

    We love our Grandstand so much that he wanted to get another. But the problems we're facing is not only where to purchase the product (yes, already called all the yellow pages businesses as well as all the ones on the search option) as well as no one is willing really to repair Toros. Yes, seriously, almost all shops in our area have had dealings with Toro and no longer do ANYTHING with them :confused:. Other than the special Toro WB model with the GS style handle grips, all other brands and models were out in the WB market. Dad has arthritis so the small tank style handles is what he needs. So, what does that leave??? Stand-on style mowers :rolleyes:. Except for the Exmark, Scag, Toro and Wright all have the same type of drive controls. I know John Deere does also but I want to give them a couple more 5-10 years in the true commercial mower (ZTR, etc.) market before I jump to them, as well as the $ you pay for them you're paying more for the name (as an article recently said... they can't even come up with a stand on mower themselves, they have to pay Wright to do it).

    I told him that there's a Wright dealer literally 300 yards from his house. He went down and what do you know... the one Stander they had on the lot was an X. I was a little skeptical at first because it has 36 hours on it but they sold it to the customer that returned it (he went out of business) and it's still under warranty and they do all repairs inhouse. They only wanted 6700 for it, so just over $7k we got a $9.5k mower. We couldn't be happier:cool:.

    So, I'll get some pics next week or as soon as I can and get them on here. The use he's already had with it he really is impressed with it. It's a bit wider as far as stance and a bit lower to the ground than the Grandstand. He also said he was really impressed with the standing platform, how much it absorbs. More of a specific review in a few weeks probably.
  2. Jaybrown

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    I have a stander x and I want a new wright ZK. It's 40% faster than the x. 13.5 mph
  3. BestImpressions99

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    Does the MPH on the sheets equate into actual mowing speeds or is it like most and just a transit speed?
  4. GQLL

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    We never run wide open cutting. At that speed the cut quality goes to hell. We only ever run full stick at transport on large comercial sites.
  5. Outlawn

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    My Great Dane is faster cutting than my Hustler, but I never go wide open while cutting.
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  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    congrats how are the on hills? could they be a replacement for something like a 52" scag hydro walkbehind? the only the reason I ask is because I may need a walkbehind for a few accounts i'm getting but the stander is an option too because the take up a less room on the trailer.
  7. BestImpressions99

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    I know the Grandstand we already have does awesome on hills. Not necessarily replacing a WB for stability BUT... B-U-T... I do know I have mowed some CRAZY hills with the Grandstand and it has a higher center of gravity than the Wright X. So far on the little bit of hills dad's been on he said it's great. I agree about not running wide open in general. I'm really looking forward to putting it through its paces.
  8. BestImpressions99

    BestImpressions99 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ok, just got confirmation from my design engineer father that our craziest hill is 40 degrees. I have done it going side to side aaaaaaand, it's crowned so that added some pucker factor. No slipping or getting loose as well as it wasn't even terrain, it had bumps etc. Really I just tried it once to see if I could do it. Conditions were right so I will just say I did it and leave it at that HAHA. I don't want to tempt the mower gods LOL.
  9. kawakx125

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    the stander x will hold a hill like nobodys business. I have an account with some fairly steep ones, and very bumpy at that, holds them pretty well but if i'm going too fast and hit a bump it'll slip. i will say that i do generally go too fast on those hills
  10. kawakx125

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    I hope you enjoy the X, i've had my share of issues with mine everything but the deck is great for me

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