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hello, just picked up my 1st emark lazer hp and its brand new and was wondering how soon should i change the hydro oil also, is it hard to do or should i take it to a dealer?what about the engine oil? how soon should i change it for break-in?:eek:


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I purchased a new scag today, hydro change is 500 hours and the engine is 10 hours and its a kohler, but different manufactures have different intervals , I would call my dealer back and ask them. And I quess it depends on how mechanically inclined you are if you or the dealer preforms this service


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Dealer should have gone over this when you bought it. Most new units come with break-in oil in the engine which needs to be changed after 8-10 hours. My dealer gave me the oil filter for the first change.


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i might be wrong about this, but i don't think you want to change the hydro oil unless there is a problem.
On mine it said once a year. I can do a lot of maintenance, but for the $$ and being only once a year, I'll let the dealer do mine, at least for the first year(don't want any questions if there's a problem with the hydro and warranty).

Check your owners manual.

Hope this helps, littlenic

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