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After three weeks of waiting i finally got my car and my trailer. My car has a bunch of new features, 3" body lift, cab lights, fender flares, enw bumper and air dam, and my trailer is a 2010 Sure Trac 16' 1/2" x 81' 1/2" with a front tool box/winch cover. Cant wait to install the winch. Snow is out still. I will get some pictures of the trailer in my garage, it fit with 2" to spare, LITERALLY

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I totally agree with Grassman. The setup looks very nice, but be careful. We had a similar trailer and had to add 18" to one of the ramps and 12" to the other.
As long as it fits the bill for your needs, that's really all that matters. I hope you don't have to modify. The setup looks really good.
how do you add 18" to the trailer ramp after it already is powdercoated, do you take the whole ramp off, weld an extension piece on, powdercoat the whole thing again and put it back on?
You got it!! It sucks, but was better than tearing things up. I have a thread showing our trailer that has a side extension. Here is a link and go to post 97.
1 - 3 of 59 Posts
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