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After three weeks of waiting i finally got my car and my trailer. My car has a bunch of new features, 3" body lift, cab lights, fender flares, enw bumper and air dam, and my trailer is a 2010 Sure Trac 16' 1/2" x 81' 1/2" with a front tool box/winch cover. Cant wait to install the winch. Snow is out still. I will get some pictures of the trailer in my garage, it fit with 2" to spare, LITERALLY

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nice trailer, but the ramps seem aweful short and might make for a steep angle when down. not a fan of dodge, but the tailer is nice
all you have to do is grind off the paint on the bottom and then weld to it, look at the pics on my thread here. the orange trailer/side ramp

of course, thsi was done along time ago when the trailer was white as it was in the ealry posts of this thread. it is now powder coated the orange
funny how we both responded at the same time
hey sorry i havent seen your post and did not see the >? you asked .

to tell you i have no idea how much it cost to extend the ramps, maybe my dad will chime in, but it was quite some time ago now and there is good reason to believe he wont remember. sorry i cant help with your question
not that same name, he is br549oicu8, the one with the guy in the orange shirt standing in front of the kubota for an avatar. he posted the link to the trailer right above the post i did 4u.

yyuup, family business is pretty cool. he does not work in the field anymore, just finances and billing and normal business owner stuff. i am a crew leader, but also hier to the thrown, and i am sort of an unofficial manager at the shop. but mosly have my own crew and get work and get it done. we work closely together and become a great team.
1 - 5 of 59 Posts
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