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After three weeks of waiting i finally got my car and my trailer. My car has a bunch of new features, 3" body lift, cab lights, fender flares, enw bumper and air dam, and my trailer is a 2010 Sure Trac 16' 1/2" x 81' 1/2" with a front tool box/winch cover. Cant wait to install the winch. Snow is out still. I will get some pictures of the trailer in my garage, it fit with 2" to spare, LITERALLY

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here are a few more. I want to mount the rack but i dont know where to mount them. Any ideas with trailer set-ups would be great

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thanks, im actually taking pictures right now of my garage with the trailer in it for you guys. I am missing some equipment but this is my set up as of now. Hope you like it
i didnt realize that they looked short, i purposely got the 4 1/2 foot custom heavy duty gates so nothing would get hung up. I think i might get little higher hitch so the trailer is angles up a little with makes less of an angle, but overal. I loaded my exmark on it last night after i backed it up my narrow driveway and its loaded flawlessly the first time. Maybe they just look short, but im excited about the side gate mostly. Pull Up to a small lawn, open the gate right on the lawn, drive off with the 48" or 36" and start mowing without emptying the whole trailer. Also, To load pallets of sod, i can just take the ramp off and its a 50" opening with a 48" gate. So the pallet will just slide right in with no issues.
How do you build sides with the 2x4 incerts on the side under the railings
what dealer is it, because i live in birmingham,mi and i got mine from Triple C's Trailers. ANd thats prob the dealer by you. If you buy from them, and have a custom built trailer. They will charge you 200 dollars to get the trailer shipped from where they are made to their store location, and will charge you for it. Drive and extra hour and save yourself 200 dollars. It cost me 60 dollars in gas to go get the trailer for Fort Wayne, Indiana.

hope this helps
As long as it fits the bill for your needs, that's really all that matters. I hope you don't have to modify. The setup looks really good.
i dont think i have to modify anything at all. I just ordered the green touch 4 trimmer trailer racks, and theni think i may get a 2 trimmer rack for an extended reach hegder and pole saw. I really wanted to get a front landscape box but they put the side gate so far up. there isnt any way to do it. What do you guys think about putting the trimmer racks onthe front? i never have done it before but i might try it this time with the trailer racks only having to be unlocked from one side of the trailer.

Please, anyone that can help. please do

btw. I love my truck, but i would get a Ford f-250 so fast if i sold my car. I wouldnt even car if i bought it new and its was 50,000. Ford is the way to go and i wish i would have researched more before i bought my car. I didnt know a 1/2 ton wasnt good for plowing and i found out alot about all tbhis info after i bought my car.

the reason i would by ford is because they stand by their products, the dont take money from the government like every other michigan company, I love my truck, but dodge never has stood by the truck. Blend door, recirculation door, and pullys always dont get covered and it pisses me off.
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The dealer near me is Holland Trailer, haven't been there before and didn't even know one existed until I looked. If I do end up ordering me a trailer, I will make sure to save myself money if I can.
good deal. just my insight. if you get a sure trac, make sure you get a squar tube top upper rail, or full tube construction because the angle iron on anything over 16 ft doenst hold up with 100lb's plus on the trailer rails*** driving down the road.
I totally agree with Grassman. The setup looks very nice, but be careful. We had a similar trailer and had to add 18" to one of the ramps and 12" to the other.
how do you add 18" to the trailer ramp after it already is powdercoated, do you take the whole ramp off, weld an extension piece on, powdercoat the whole thing again and put it back on?
hey man is there a leveling kit on ur truck? and the trailer looks great, truck does too.
There is a leveling kit and a 3" body lift. i might be getting a 3" suspsension too but im not sure that would be good. Im going to get a dana 66 frotn axle and heavy duty suspension to put a plow on the front. Im just worried about the frame. Either that of a F-250 or Dodge 2500
you can plow with a 1/2 ton truck...... they'll do a 7.5 -8ft streight blade no prob with nothing but stiffer springs or timbrins up front, i'm gunna push my 1500chev with a 8.2 boss v for next winter, its a little heave, but i've seen people that have put a lot heavier still
the way i see it, if i plow with my truck. I would rather get a solid front axle instead of IFS. If i want to replace everything in the IFS (ball joints, and everything) it would run me around 900 dollars. If i want to repalce the whole front end with solid front axle, it would run around 1100 dollars. I would rather not have to repalce evertything i have with the same thing and prevent any damage from happening, i would rather beef up everything in the front have a soild front end that will hold up like a 2500-3500. Increase payload and maybe put a western midweigh 8ft or a v plow. its all talk now, but when next year come around, hopefullyi will be running two crews and have my car and a small like f-450 dump
thanks for the compliments, and those pictures of your orange trailer look really awesome. I read through a lot of your thread grass"men" and you guys to business the right way. I cant wait to be as big as you guys. I was just wondering, how much did it cost to get an extension on a trailer ramp.
New trailer looks good man! I didnt think the ramps looked too short at all, most trailer builders nowadays know that you are loading mowers and they make the ramps according to that. Especially with the side load trailers, most good builders wont build them too short.
What kinda straps, e trac, or what ya doing to keep the mowers in place?
i have no idea and i didnt know you could put e-trac on an open trailer. I dont know if i want to do e-trac(if i can) on my open trailer because when i do mulch, wont the mulch get stuck? i would have to put plywood over the whole deck, and i guess it would save my trailer wood a lot of wear n tear on the wood but its just a very unefficient way of doing things. Also, do you guys use any stain on the decks of your trailer. I have the pressure treated 2"x6"x16' and i would like it to last a lot longer than normal wear.
I would put some kinda stain/protector on there if its sitting outside. I could tell ya what to use for enclosed trailers but no experience there with open trailers.
What are you talkin about having to put plywood down over the whole thing?
if i put the e-trac system down on my trailer. when i fill it up with mulch or top soil, i would have to lay ply wood over my whole trailer to make sure nothing ruined or got inside the e-trac system. My trailer is only sitting outside when its at a customers house. it will always be in my garage or my girlfriends dad's second house's garage across the street from them
Hey delonglandscaping how much did that trailer run you? I'm also looking for a trailer similar to that
it cost 2650 with everything. Plus tax, title, and plates. Which ran another 300. So it was around 3000 all said and done
Pics look good man, Ive been waiting to see that truck, looks pretty sick, now you need some bigger tires. I'd look into something smaller for the dodge as far as plows go. I know a guy that plows with a truck almost identical to yours with a 7' 6" western on it I believe. He said it does just fine, he does a bunch of resi's and some smaller lots. There is plenty of lighter weight plows on the market that are suited for smaller trucks. I'd look into it before you upgrade trucks, it might be worth it. You don't need or want anything big for residentials, if that's what your plowing. Just a thought. New trailer looks good too.
Yea the truck came out great but there is still alot to do with it. I was all setup this year to buy a pre-season Western Mid-weight 7'6 for a steal of 4200 dollars at this car dealership in pontiac, and my dad went to the insurance agent and it cost 1500 dollars to get insurance on my truck because AAA doesn't sell plowing insurance. So that blows, but instead i got the 45" snow blower and save my self 3,500 dollars for the price of the trailer so it worked out pretty good. What i have left to do with the truck, is to paint the moldings and upper front bumper just like the flares. Also, i am going to get behind the grille fog lights, and hopefully after i wear down these tires a bit, i will get 35" tires which will complete the truck. I just dont have 1500+ to spend on tires right now (not making a cent without any snow) so when the season starts i will prob purchase those in around july.

About the plow again, i have a tonnn of snow customers i had to turn down because i only can handle so much with school and not having a plow. Whats nice about my customers and neighbors is they understand my position and if i get a plow they will hire me undoubtibly. So if i get a plow i will pay it off a couple times with like 5 GOOD SIZE snows, but you never know iwth the michigan winteres if you are going to get dumped on or you are going to get one inch of snow and not make any more.

Thanks for looking and keep the comments coming
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Sweet trailer
thanks man, good to hear you like. Here are some more pictures of the garage with the trailer in it. IT BARELY FITS
here are some pic's of everything cramed in the garage. I will show some more pictures of the striping kit and the trimmer racks i just ordred. Will be in , in about a week

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bump to the top. No one ever comments on my threads. haha. I get a couple posts and then nothnig after that. haha . Maybe im just boring
looks good man, how does the triton deck do in MI?
one word.. AMAZING. I have cut with the ultra cut deck when my mower was in the shop getting fixed. The ultra cut deck is so light (which is a plus) but it doesnt discharge the clippings good enough. With my triton deck i can have a mulch kit on, cut 10" of grass, and it looks like i just took a 1/2" off. It works great and i would buy another one in a heart beat.
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