New Trailer - Any Ideas?


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I'll be ordering my new 7K Lb, 17 X 6-8 tandem tube trailer in a short time now and was wondering if I could get some suggestions as to options. Here are the options I'm going to order… please let me know if I've overlooked anything.

1. Brakes on both axles
2. H.D. wire mesh for floor and tailgate
3. 6" X 10 ga. kick plate along bottom on each side to guide deck
4. Drop axles

I'll be furnishing my own custom made cage and trimmer racks for installation right before painting. Also, I don't need a side gate because I rarely carry my walkbehind.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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I think I would just have the wood bottom as opposed to the steel expando. It doesn't happen very often, but I've had a few instances that I was grateful that a nut and bolt that happened to fall off a machine didn't get lost, or arrive on a job to find a ratchet or socket laying in the bottom of the trailer. (I know, tools are supposed to be put away, but it can happen) or even more so, one of the trailer pins that my helper didn't put in! YOU get the picture.


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I don't know what is like where you are located. I am in my 9th year as a business owner in Florida. I have had an enclosed trailer (18 x 8)for about 2-3 years. Prior to that I ran an open landscape trailer. (A)My tools always got buried underneath the trash in the bed of truck. (B) My equipment was always exposed to the wheather conditions. (C)The little crackheads and A$$@*%@'s stole enough equipment in those 6-7 years, I could have bought 3 of these trailers @ $5000.00 each.
Now the enclosed trailer is fully loaded, well organized, and if I need a tool it is there everyday, the trailer also offers relief during those hot summer days, and my equipment rarley is exposed to bad wheather. I suggest taking the money for the open trailer and putting a down payment on an enclosed unit. You'll be glad you did.
My suggestion otherwise, get a wooden floor and trailer brakes, they will save you money in the future. Good Luck!


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T.C.O.B. and Kirby are right! Get an inclosed trailer if your mostly hauling lawn equipment. The price is worth it and everything is kept out of sight and out of mind. If you decide to go with the trailer mentioned above stay away from the expanded metal floor. You wont be able to haul bulk materials or much else therefore limiting your overall use.
I too am having a trailer built next spring. I have decided to go with the open trailer instead of the enclosed because I forsee using it for allot of other things as well as lawn care. I am getting a 7x16 with 24 inch high expanded metal sides and wood floor. I am getting my basket and trimmer rack made as bolt on, so I can remove them if I want. I can forsee needing to rent a kubota or bobcat so I wanted the open trailer. Also I would look into getting "torsional" axles instead of the spring and shackle. The trailer manufacturer that I am using said that it was $100 more per axle, but that they don't wear out for a loooong time, and they are a smoother ride and quieter. Just a thought.


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Enclosed trailers have there bennies and open trailers do to. Pick the one that is more sooted for your business and pocket book. Nice trailer Kirby do they make one to fit 3 Walker mowers in it without going over 18feet long? Our 16'landscape open trailer carries three Walker mowers and due to business expansion we were going to either buy a Isuzu syle truck, like the landscaper truck or a enclosed trailer, but has to be under 20' max due to tight turn arounds.

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Originally posted by landscaper3
Nice trailer Kirby do they make one to fit 3 Walker mowers in it without going over 18feet long?
I don't know? :confused: No familuar with the size or length of Walkers. I would assume as long as each mower is not over 5'4" long they would fit. Could always be parked at angles.