New trailer Has no Ramp summery


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Trailer needs no ramp. <br>In my last thread on this subject some one pointed out that Bil-Jax already makes one and advertises it in Landscape Mag. I have received info on there trailer and it is a good one. My Design is completely different and there is no moral or patent problem.<p>The Bil-Jax Escalate trailer has a frame that stays at the tow height and supports a bed that is completely lowered to the road surface. (The bed stays level or nearly level. It appears quite well made and is available in 4 wheel version (5000 lb rating) The trailer has some limitations. It has a max width of 54 in. (By 96 in long) It dose not appear to have been designed to be fast up and down (it's big advantage is that loads that need to be pushed by hand, or that have very low ground clearance or that should not be tipped can be loaded easily with almost no tipping. It can of course also be used for landscape work.<p>The trailer I designed &quot;kneels&quot; That is the back end goes down to the road while the hitch end stays up. This forms the entire trailer into a ramp of about 6Deg. My design uses the bed as the frame (like conventional trailers) and therefor can be wider (73 in max) It uses the suspension to do the lowering and therefor can only be made in a two wheel version. It is designed to be very fast and to have no ramp (just a 10 in. Safety tail gate) it also has a very rough floor to keep equipment with tires in place.<p>So.... Is 2 wheels or 73 in width the end of it? You tell me. <p>see

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fdew wrote:<p>&gt;So.... Is 2 wheels or 73 in width the end of it? You tell me. <p>2 wheels are fine but 73&quot; isn't wide enough. You should have a bed width of 6'-6&quot;. That way if you get a 72&quot; deck you have a little manuvering room. <br>


Two wheels would be more than adequate for what a load of mowers weighs, but with the trend to wider decks the 73&quot; width is going to be a problem. And not much way to improve on that within the limits of 102&quot; overall width. Any ideas of what end cost would be on it?


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this is something i would consider trying out but i have the 72&quot; mower that would not is a very sellable idea,if the price was feasable.also a wider trailer would interest the car hauling market.i like the air bags,we use similiar ones on tri-axle dump trucks.<p>----------<br>DON<br>LIANNES' MOWING<br>

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