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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Steve Voss, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Steve Voss

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    trailer I am going for ^^^
    but i will have landscape box built over tounge instead of trailer bed.

    options I need help deciding

    5ft gate vs dovetail with 4ft gate

    18ft or 20ft

    mowers I have currently, 60tt and 36tt
    additional mowers I plan to fit another 60tt or 60ztr
    all exmarks

    reason im going with 5kaxels is for a skid steer when needed

  2. coultman859

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    1) Those ramps will not handle a skid steer. Are you having equipment ramps put on?

    2) Dovetails are awesome, but are tougher on inclines. Do you currently have, or will you in the foreseeable future have any need to back up inclines? 18-20' magnifies this problem, vs. a shorter trailer.

    3) Basket over the tongue? Never seen this. The tongue is the length it is to allow movement. Widening the tongue with a basket will create major problems maneuvering.
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  3. ducnut

    ducnut LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You're expecting to do too much with this trailer. Not only is the gate an issue, the crossmembers are probably not adequate for a skidsteer, either. Once you add other skid attachments, you'll be wishing for more trailer. You may be better off to rent a proper equipment trailer, for when you need to transport a skidsteer.

    I'd pass on the dovetail, for the aforementioned clearance issues. You'll be surprised how frequently you'll drag the tail on a flatbed, in the lengths you're looking at.

    I'd go with a 20'. That extra 2' seems negligible. But, you can use that for the landscaper box, versus hanging it forward of the deck.

    Get both axles with brakes. This is hugely important for safety and brake system longevity.

    I'm running 10-ply Maxxis tires and highly recommend going this route. Most trailer tires are made in China and are crap, no matter their weight rating. Maxxis is the only manufacturer I know of who offer a 10-ply in a 15" size (225 width) and aren't Chinese. You don't have to buy the trailer manufacturer's wheels and tires.

    Get a spare tire, wheel, and mount.
  4. burnthefurniture

    burnthefurniture LawnSite Member
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    I'd tend to agree that you ought to get more trailer if you intend to haul skids. More trailer in terms of axles, tires, brakes, ramps, and general construction. Almost all skids would be toward the upper end of your payload allowance and would quickly destroy that gate and its mounts. I would also look at pipe or tube top if it is an option as opposed to angle iron even just for your mowers - it will make it much sturdier.

    We have both an 18 and 20' flatbed, and I greatly prefer the 20'. Get it big enough and do it right one time. Skip the dovetail as mentioned.

    I'm glad you're looking at 10k GVWR as well. Even without hauling a skid, you will appreciate the heavier duty axles, brakes, and tires. More of a margin of safety.

    For whatever it's worth, as mentioned by ducnut, those maxxis tires are pretty good. I have a set on our 18' trailer and I like them. Once you get into a 10 ply tire, they're also radials as opposed to bias ply. In my experience radials tend to ride smoother and last a lot longer than bias. Also, the time to upgrade tires is when you buy it. Typically most trailer dealers will upgrade to 10 ply radials for only a couple hundred bucks above standard. I can tell you from experience that buying a set of 10 ply radials after the fact will cost about 8-900 so upgrade now. Use Maxxis if its an option, but almost all trailer tires are Chinese...I still think 10 ply radial is better than 8 ply bias.
  5. whiffyspark

    whiffyspark LawnSite Fanatic
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    You can get a landscape gate that handles a skid
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  6. burnthefurniture

    burnthefurniture LawnSite Member
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    Agreed 100%, just not that gate as shown in the pic.

    And honestly I have to say, that heavier duty skid gate could also be good just for mowers. I know I see so many that have the expanded steel all torn up just from ztrs. I had to weld extra braces on my ramp gate trailer but still see the expanded steel stretching.

    The point was made above that he could also rent a trailer with the skid if he doesn't own it, which isn't a bad idea either. Don't have to unload or worry about ragging out or overloading your own rig if you need to haul a skid.

    Just some food for thought building off of whiffyspark's comment...
  7. whiffyspark

    whiffyspark LawnSite Fanatic
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    My biggest thing with the landscape trailers and skids is lack of tie down points. Heavy duty gates are worth it IMO.
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  8. ducnut

    ducnut LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I gave ~$120ea, mounted and balanced, for my Maxxis 10-ply. The shop said that was standard pricing, as I thought they were cutting me a deal for that number.
  9. burnthefurniture

    burnthefurniture LawnSite Member
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    That is a good price for sure and I may be off on my number slightly. The tire size I got at the time was for a slightly bigger trailer and they were 235 80r16 so I'm sure there is some variation there.

    There can still be a good savings if he gets the upgrade up front, but 480 isn't bad for sure.
  10. southerntide

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    Good god that is expensive lol, half that price here custom builds

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