New Trailer - Open or Enclosed?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by dmccarthy, Aug 27, 2014.

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    I've had both.

    1. I stand at the door, on the ground, and reach in to the right and grab my string trimmer or edger, no problem. My BP blower is right beside that, hanging on a hook. I simply step up, grab it, throw it on. I don't release any holder, undo padlocks, nothing. I don't see what's so hard. And, time savings is negligible.

    2. I pull up to the pump, drop the rear door, and fuel both sides of my mower. If you're a multiple ZTR/stander situation, order or install a fuel door. That's a negative, depending on your operation. For me, it's not.

    3. How so? I've got mirrors. I use them and have yet to have an issue backing my trailer. If you can't drive, then, it's going to be a problem.

    4. In an urban environ, it makes no difference. On the highway, the difference is going to be negligible, because that huge gate on the back of a open trailer catches a lot of wind, as do the various pieces of equipment and HH racks. On windy days, I could really feel everything catching wind. I got crap mileage, with an open trailer, too.

    You don't need a 3/4T truck. You followed your initial statement with no proof or argument. The beginning of your second sentence sets up your general, negative attitude toward enclosed, again, with no argument. If you don't like them, that's fine. But, at least state your reasoning why. BTW, my truck and enclosed fit into my garage and shop, respectively.

    To the OP, a 6'X12' isn't enough trailer, IMHO. You need 7' width to fit larger decks, like a 60". The interior width of a trailer is narrower than advertised width. The rear door opening is even narrower. Also, you need room to move around inside, when things are loaded. You don't need huge, but, definitely need adequate size. I've had a couple guys with larger trailers say they wish they had my setup, just because of space, cost, and setup efficiency.

    You need trailer brakes. I've had trailers with and without. Brakes make a huge difference. I'll never own another without them.

    Consider a V-nose, as it adds quite a bit of floor space and room up front.

    I'd recommend a 5,000lb axle, as basic necessities add up faster than you think. With my setup, 30" pusher, and 60" ZTR, I'm at 3720lbs on the trailer axle.

    You can't beat the security and convenience of an enclosed. It's nice to not have to worry about someone stealing equipment, while I'm at the back of a property. I have one place where I end up ~3mi away from my truck/trailer. It's nice when something needs addressed at a property and I simply go to the trailer and grab whatever tool it is I need. Customers appreciate it, too.

    The advertising space will more than pay for the additional cost over open. My number one source of additional business has been the signage on my trailer.

    Pay the extra ~$50 and get a color-matched trailer. It adds so much to the appearance of the operation. I continually get compliments on my rig.
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    Open. Just much easier to use.. My opinion..
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    Just going to have to agree to disagee on this one.
    My guys hate the enclosed as much as I do. My neighbor who builds cell towers has fabricated the inside of more enclosed trailers than I can count set up the inside of mine perfectly for a lawncare operation. It will never be more efficient than an open trailer. The only reason I keep it is to store salt in the wintertime.
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  4. DuallyVette

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    Storing salt in an enclosed trailer should turn it into a pile of rust pretty quickly.
  5. Bumpmaster

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    Over priced, too cumbersome, an can only access equipment from the rear gate of the trailer. NUFF SAID!

    Well if you only cut 4 lawns a day it might not be bad but in this neck of the woods one gotta cut over 15 lawns a day just to pay the water bill. :cool2:
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    I was talking to one of the other LCOs, today. He told me he's had ~$2200 in HHs stolen off his open setup, so far this year. He's switching to an enclosed, because of it. What he's lost, this year, is half way to what an enclosed costs.

    His tandem, 20'X8.5' open trailer, like many run, is far more cumbersome than my SA, 12'X7' enclosed. For a solo operation, one doesn't need more than what I have.

    Again, if one is solo, you simply drop the back door and fuel up. What's so hard?

    I hear that all the time, from LCOs. At the same time, I hear property owners say they can't get their regular lawn guy to do anything but mow. There's a lot of money being left on the table, when one doesn't offer full service. There's a lot more profitability in spending a whole day at one property, than spending the day, behind the windshield, chasing $30 lawns. Furthermore, letting the competition onto your customer's property is never good. That's just my humble opinion.
  7. ducnut

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    No problem. Some like them, some don't.

    The OP mentioned a setup for a family member, which would be a solo operation, I assume. It may not be such an issue for him/her, versus a team/crew.

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