New Trailer! (pics)

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by wvaughn7, Nov 30, 2010.

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    The axles are the 5k axles, forgot to put that. I know the trailer may be a little lightweight, but you have to understand that we will never have over 6k on this trailer, including the trailer itself. The 10k pound figure I posted was not a guaranteed number, but more of an estimate of what i would feel safe with. I know the limits and if I thought that I was nearing those limits when loading the trailer I would not allow it to be done that way. I have seen too many people going down the road in my area with shabby looking trailers and parts falling off of them. (I live in a very redneck part of TN) I would be ashamed to have something that is putting other in possible danger from overloading the trailer and having a tire blow or axle break causing me to wreck.
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    nice work, do mine next! haha. I remember, I said the same thing on your walk behind mower thread.

    Thats one way to save some major $$$
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    no I'm in Clarksville up north of Nashville
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    By the pictures he posted!! And if he added what he said he did it aint even a 7000lb to start with. Oh you can put 10000lb plates on it and load it up but thats how accidents happen.
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    Looks good it.very nice.

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