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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ADMIREDLAWNS, Jul 6, 2007.


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    Here are pics of the trailer I picked up for $400 today. Its a 5x10 tandem axle old horse trailer. It has a side door on both sides, and rear gat door that comes up half way up the opening. The roof is too tall to fit on the side of my house so I will be taking of about 16in., also adding 2ft in length behind the wheels so I can fit both mowers on there. The floor has 2x6 that nees replacing, I will be using 3/4in PT plywood. The sides have some rust so I will be replacing them with new metal. I think thats about all for now, let me know what you think.


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    Here are more shots of the trailer, as you can see the floor towards the front is gone, but the frame is in good condition. Also the roof has some rust spots.




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    Just my opinion, but I would try to make it NOT look like a horse trailer. Not very professional looking. sounds like a good price for an enclosed trailer, but once you have to replace metal and PT plywood and extend the whole thing, are you really saving much money, and you still look like a horse trailer in the end. Once again, just my opinion.
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    Maybe he is going to try something new by hauling horses or goats and then setting the loose to mow large areas for him.

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    Matt, the trailer can easily look like it was always a lawn trailer, when I add on, close the front window & put a flat roof on it that would lessen the horse trailer look. Also putting the sheet meatal on & a fresh paint job will finish the lawn service look.

    I will be saving so much money by doing this a standard tandem axle 5x12 ramp door is about $2k around here. I paid $400, $200 in sheet metals for the sides, $30 in angle iron for extension, & $120 in 3/4 PT plywood. $750 in materials + some blood, sweat & tears= A trailer maid the way I want it for less.
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    Good luck with the project buddy! Can't wait to see the end project!

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    Does anyone know the average gauge metal used for trailer siding? HD has 29ga tin 10x2 sheets for $11, the metal shops around here say the thinest they have is 20ga its $50 for 8x4 a sheet. I have seen several with the tin like sheets and a decent paint job and it looked pretty good. Will the tin hold up to wind, wear & tear?
  8. tomo

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    hello, 1.6mm / 1/16 inch standard or in selected areas 3mm / 1/8 inch thick sheet metal


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    Ummm....tomo, ur not dealing with the brightest bulb in the box here to be honest. Any help on calculating gauge into mm or inches? Also is the tin adequate or no?

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    after calculating up what you have giving me I came up with, 1.6mm equals 16 gauage or .0625 at the standard. That seems pretty thick for a trailer, but I want to do it right.

    Any ideas on what is used to make the corners round, is see the ones with flat corners at it does look as nice.

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