New trailer- Tires are junk

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lazer 46, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. lazer 46

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    I'll bet I have no more than 2000 miles on this new trailer and the Chineese tires are about wore out. What's a good 15 inch trailer tire to replace them with? It's a single axle 6x12.
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    I've got the same issue. I have a Haulmark V-Nose trailer that came with some crappy Chinese tires. I have to add air to these tires once a week, whether the trailer is loaded or unloaded.

    When I had my Wells Cargo, it came with Goodyear Marathon tires, which lasted me a long time.

    I am about to make the switch to Goodyear Marathons.
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    The best place to get this or any trailer-related information from is the dealer from whom you bought the trailer.
    But, assuming you didn't do that or for any other reason can't or don't go there...
    Here is what I learned:

    As a rule most tires that come on a new trailer are junk, just drive them until they need replacing, what can I say?

    Afaik the recommended tires for a 6x12 are B load rated radial tires, those are not bad.

    But, I insist on a C-load rated radial tire for my 6x12.
    The way it works, the LOWER the letter the tougher the tire, I believe C load rated is 6-ply but I'm not sure... Anyhow it has to do with sidewall stiffness, the tougher the sidewall the longer that tire will last, as a rule, it is able to withstand more load.

    Whether you decide on B or C rated, I like the C rated ones because they are one step above and they last me years... Matter of fact I usually have to replace them because of road hazard crap and they still got tread left to spare.

    Other than that, both should last a while but seeing how most new trailers come with bias-ply tires, whatever you do don't get another bias-ply :p

    Other notes: DO go to the dealer you bought the trailer from if this is so, that's the man to talk to.
    Which is why I bought mine from such a dealer heh
    And most or all of that information came from there.
  4. seabee1

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  5. JosephLawnCare

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    Trailer tires suck in general. I've never found one that lasts very long.
  6. Keith

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    The set that came on my Anderson trailer was the exact same way. Shot within 2000 miles. I bought Maxxis M8008's after that and got a year out of them. And pretty much a year out of the Marathons. Which isn't saying much, but better than 2k miles. I want to try a set of Cooper Trailer tires, but no one around here can ever get them. They are routinely on backorder.

    Also, I have heard the Kumho 857 is a decent tire. But they are only available for 14" rims. They are 8-ply though.

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