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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by motorscot, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. DoetschOutdoor

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    Only thing I woulda done different is darker color with grit on the floor so it doesnt mark up as easily. You did one heck of a job though, gets me excited to move up another size this year so I can rig up another trailer! Cummins or hemi pullin that thing? How many accounts do you service weekly? Looks really good!
  2. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    I did think about going with a darker paint, but I wanted as much light reflection as possible. At the end of last season I had about 28 accounts with several occasionals. I would like to triple that number. Currently I have two young ladies (high school) that are dispersing almost 5000 business cards in addition to the 3000 they put out in early November. So, if I get just 0.5% return, then I will be sitting pretty.

    Oh, Cummins all the way
  3. 81Bronk36

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    May I suggest installing a second fire extinguisher near the back of the trailer. It would be a shame to have one of those fuel cans on fire and have it be too hot for you to get in there and grab it off the wall!
  4. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    That's a really good idea. I'll definitely stick another one in there.
  5. Manscape

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    Real good job. I'm not gonna say "I would have done this" or "I would have done that" because everyone's needs are different, and everyone like different things when it comes to the work trailer. My question has to do with the straps that are around the walk behind....Where did you get them? lol tha would suit my trailer well.
  6. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    made by fastrap

    I got mine here:

    the 2 pack kit for $44.97 will take care of one (1) mower as you must strap both drive wheels

    best deal I could find, also at cabela's, northern tool, etc

    they are so much better than your basic tie downs or rachet straps. very fast to go on and off. just be careful when you pull your mower on, the straps need to be out of the way to the side or you might trap the part that you need under the wheel
  7. Ben's Landscape

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    Very nice trailer and i like how all the shelves and holders were put in the trailer. It looks very userfriendly.
  8. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. We've got a cleanup to do this weekend at my church. I'm looking forward to getting everything even more dirty and actually using the trailer for the first time this season.
  9. Manscape

    Manscape LawnSite Member
    from Mass
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    Much appreciated! thanks, I'll be getting those.
  10. henson2043

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    How did you secure your shelfs up front? I do not see any legs for them. I was just wondering if you have something on there and you are bouncing down the road are those boards going to pull away from the wall. I am just looking for was to fix mine too. Thanks

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