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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bel-nor, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I use an empty milk jug myself, in a pinch:)
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    Where did you get the racks for the weedeaters and blowers from?
  3. bel-nor

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    Green Thanks for the comments guys this project knocked the boardom of the drought we are going through.
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    Typical Texas we have it worse than you BS.:rolleyes:

    95 degrees is 95 degrees regardless of what state you're in, and this summer the northern states are having plenty of it. It is always better for the equipment, gas cans, etc to keep them cooler when possible. Also, it makes more sense to take a handheld into the trailer where all the tools and spare parts are to repair or work on, than to have to keep going back to the trailer for whatever you need. Having the trailer stay a little cooler makes it that much better if you have to be in there for long at all.
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    Did you by chance put any grit in the paint on the ramp? I've been wondering if that stuff works and how well it holds up..
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  7. Green-Man

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    Super nice trailer!! :) Is there a benefit with the v-nose rather then the regular flat nose trailers?
  8. bel-nor

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    On the VNose you get a few (16) extra inches in the front. It does not "cut the wind " as most beleive. They supposedly get damaged more if it jack knifes against the back of your truck. I like the way it looks and happy withit overall, the price was good at $3895. I origially wanted a Haulmark however after talking with both dealers for a couple months the HM dealer went up on his price $400-$600 dollars while I was in rush hour traffic to purchase it. I told him I would consider it (fat a$$ chance) and drove to the Cargo South dealer early the next mornining and purchased this one before he left for the bank.
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    oh i guess that would make sense that they shouldn't create as much wind resistance. Yeah lets hop that you never jack knife it haha. It's a beautiful trailer and seems like a decent price to me I would even purchase it. WOW! really? That's very unproffesional but who cares his loss. Really nice trailer man hope you enjoy it.

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