New trimmer ... any opinions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TriMLawN, Jun 25, 2007.

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    I have a stihl fs80r which I love and an Echo pas 230 with a trimmer head on it. The echo seems to scalp the grass much easier than the stihl does. Is the echo pas 230 underpowered for a trimmer? I love my other echo products, but I'm not a big fan of this trimmer. Should I try the SRM 311 which has a lot more power or buy another stihl?
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    I own an fs80r and use echo 230 ' s a lot at my primary job . I have 'nt noticed the echo scalping more . Are you using the same line on them ? Do both still wear a guard ? Have you moved the grip on them so that they both balance out the same for you ? I prefer my Stihl it seems to have more power and is more responsive and is built heavier . But the Echo is a good trimmer also it's light and balances nice , if you have to breifly trim one handed the Echo is easier to handle and while trimming with one hand the top of the motor will touch your forearm the Stihl will burn you easier than the Echo . I also don't like the rev limiter in the coil of the Stihl . You may think I've just made a good case for the Echo and maybe I have it's a good trimmer but I still prefer my Stihl I think it's a heavier built trimmer with quite a bit more power which is nice if you remove your gaurd as I do so I can let out extra line . Bottom line which ever you choose I would stick with one brand for a lot of reasons like you dont have to run around to different dealers for parts and service if you buy the same model parts will be interchangeable , accessories such as blades or heads will also be interchangeable meaning you can buy 1 spare head instead of 2 one for each brand model etc.
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    My bad , I have the fs85r Stihl .

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