new trimmer line at home depot


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The Garden State
Can anyone share a pic? I didn’t see any new line at my local HD, I will check their website..


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We just bought echo bd going try it out

redmax fan

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how they say ' aerodynamic surface provides a straighter cut ' is very interesting because say compared to the black diamond which isnt a smooth /aerodynamic surface at all the speed pro surface is smooth so shall cut through the air cleaner / faster (greater head speed) meaning less up and down wobble of the line = straighter / cleaner cut plus enabling you to walk faster without leaving stragglers . going to have to spend the 15$ to find out because when we went from square line to the black diamond i know it cut ide say at least 2 hours per week off an 100+ account route because the b diamond was cleaner cutting and faster spinning because of improved aero . i do all our trimming and i know thats fact because i started getting done at every stop and noticing my partner mowing was way behind where he'd usually be

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