New trimstar vs Hydro walk1754 questions

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    We are thinking about a adding a new 54" trimstar to our operations but have a few questions. When comparing to our old hydrowalk 1754,
    Will it handle the bullrider sulkie with 175lb operator on a day to day basis for 8 yrs with now hydro replacement?( we only take it off for service)
    Are the controls as easy to use as the older unit?
    Does it still have the same rear wieght balance that allows the old unit to climb/sideslope/descend hills with the sulkie and operator with the ease the old 1754 does?
    Do the new trimstars have the fuel range(in hours) as the old unit?
    Is the "footprint" on the trailer similiar to the old?
    Can we expect the same reliability we enjoy with our 1754s/1536s and 272A model Hustlers?

    Thank You
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    It will handle the sulky with ease.
    Controls are the same.
    Balance vs stance, it handles hills very nicely, nice wide rear track on the 54" unit.
    Fuel tank on new unit is 3.6 gallons, smaller than the unit you have now, this is due to the new EPA guidelines and the new design of the fuel tank to recover fuel vapors.
    Fuel range is going to depend on cutting conditions.
    Footprint is shorter, more per trailer!
    Yes you can expect the same reliability, its a Hustler.


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