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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Due to a question about what they have done to the new Triton deck I will repost this answer but it's hard to explain without a picture. Basically they have straitened somewhat the front baffle between the middle and right blades so the grass has a straighter path to the discharge chute instead of hitting the back of the discharge chute where the accelerator plate is. Also in the left chamber they have a piece of metal that can be inserted to keep grass from continually rotating in a vortex and making it move to the next chamber and eventually to the last chamber to be discharged. This option may not be needed. Old decks (Tritons) can be retrofitted for Northern grass conditions. If I have time latter I may post a picture with the changes drawn in. The piece of metal in the left chamber extends out from the spindle just to keep the grass from recirculating and the front of the inner baffle is going to be a bit straighter on the right side. Hope you can understand this.
  2. tacoma200

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    Also the new spindles are designed to slip on impact at the top pulley to prevent damage and absorb the shock of hitting a solid object with the blades. They have been doing this on the bottom of the deck since 05 and it works great on my Exmark (it has the larger hole in the blade and splined insert to let the blade slip. This should make the spindle last longer and keep the power of impacts from reaching other components such as belts, pully's and the engine.
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    Thanks for the Info Tacoma, I have been wondering about the new 07 Tritons for some time now...Great Thread.
    Mulching Is a big question with me...How good do these new Tritons C/W Kit mulch?
    I Understand that you like to trim with both sides of the deck...sounds like your mulching?

    This Is a Pic of the 06 triton c/w mulch kit

    microMulch EXMARK DECK.jpg
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    Sounds like they went more Great Dane Gen II / old Bobcat style in order to control the chamber to chamber flow. Those decks have kickers for each chamber like most do for the discharge.

    On the Great Dane Gen II decks this works well and they do not even need a kicker at the rear of the discharge mouth. They do real well even in wet grass. But the tradeoff is deck cleanout.

    Check the REAR baffling on this... sounds like that's what you are talking about.

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    Yes that is similar Envy. They are putting a kicker in the left side only and this may be optional depending on where you live. The folks in the deep South probably wont get this and they may do it on an area/need type basis, I'm not sure. They said they were getting so much lift that the grass in the left chamber just kept recirculating instead of going to the next chamber. And the v shaped front baffle between the middle and right blad was causing grass to build up on the discharge near the turbo baffle so by straitening it a bit it should flow out the dicharge instead of bumping and building up at the back of the discharge. Also they are increasing the FPM to 19,000. Very important point that I forgot to add. I believe they will modify old Tritons at the company's expense. Good picture to help me illistrate my point.
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    I trim with the right side because I'm out in the country and most bushes, trees, etc do not have mulch so I'm free to trim with either side alot of the time. I'm not sure how the mulch kits are working out. I'm sure I would get used to the offset. I'm slowing down and may not even get a mower next year with all the changes going on in the industry. Lets see how all the decks and engine combo's work out. Very humble guys as Exmark, they said the Tritons worked so well in the deep South they may have been caught off guard how it would affect certain areas further North. And just like Hustler there were only a small percentage of complaints compared to what you hear on the internet. When a mower is doing great you never seem to hear that, just the problems such as what I ran into this year.
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    I posted a thread on the Exmark forum asking about the 07 Tritons but it hasn't appeared yet. So thanks for the info.
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    I would sure like to see the under side of this new Triton deck. also I would love to see a picture of the old ultracut deck ...So we can compare the difference.
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    Ford's slogan -"Change or die". Im glad that they made these improvements. They seem like a solid machine besides the deck flaws in northern grass.

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