New truck, but not for me

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by eslawns, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. eslawns

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    Today I spent the entire afternoon trying to work out a deal on a new truck.

    2001 (new) Chevy 3500 HD, dual axle, AT/PS/AC, 8.1L V-8 gas cab and chassis. This thing is a monster. The sticker is $27,700.

    I figured I could get this for $22k, trade in the Sierra and get $6k and finance about $17k. They offered me a deal where I pay almost $600 a month for 60 months. And they don't understand why they haven't sold this truck (or the other, there are 2)

    The salesman tried his best to make me understand why I should jump on this truck for $24,700. :confused: I don't care if it's still new or not. If I got it, tomorrow it would be used, and 2 years old. In the end, I told the dealer they'd need to do a lot more to make this attractive.
  2. AL Inc

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    es- I think you were probably wise to stay away from that truck. The 8.1 gas motor is thirsty, you're better off with the diesel, even if it is more $. Mike
  3. Barkleymut

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    GM cash back is not available on the 01's. That is one reason they won't deal much on it. But the deal they were offering is a joke. I did the math on a $27,700 loan for 5 years at 7.5% and the monthly payment is $555. So tell them that you are going to get a search warrant (I think I remember your a cop), and find all that crack that they are smoking.

    Go in with the invoice price from and then tell them you want all the cash back GM is offering and then get a fair interest rate on your loan (under 8% assuming you have good credit). If they balk go to another dealer they are not worth dealing with.
  4. LB Landscaping

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    I'm looking for a similar truck. Its amazing what car dealers will try. I bought my last truck from a local dealer right near my house about a year and a half ago. I figured I would go back to them to do business since they new the truck and they treated me fairly well the previous time. What a joke. When I heard the deal they offered I laughed and walked out. Not even remotly close to what I was expecting or planning on. I could never be a car dealer I don't know how some of them go to sleep at night!!!
  5. cat320

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    I look at it the same way it's still 2 years old.If you bought it today and decided to trade it in in a month they would tell you it's 2 years old and give that much deprication.If i was to buy it i would take 15% off the sticker then knock at least $1,500 a year off for depritation .I would offer $19,950 for a 2 year old truck that listed for $27K.So if you want to know what it's worth go to another dealer and ask what they would give you for a new C&C with no miles on it.
  6. gslam88

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    well let see if I do the math correctly... $600 by 60 months is $36,000.... the trade in is worth $6k right.. so your looking at $42k truck... great deal for the crack smoking used car dealers of VA
  7. dlandscaping

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    I went to get a new PSD reg cab 350. It was an 02, a loaded XLT the right color and everything that i wanted. They were offering free plows with purchase of superduty. The sticker was like $36k and invoice $31500. My trade (95 f250 that i have $12k invested in) was valued at $6500. He worked out the numbers and came up with a total of $31000. How? i dont know it just amazed me. i looked at it, said are u sure? and walked out. Had it been 20-24k i would have signed the papers that day.
  8. gslam88

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    Alright.. Alright .. .Alright...

    I guess its about time I let everyone in on the car dealers secret...

    here it is... the car dealers math....

    new car... 10,000 plus trade 5,000 plus commision... 5,000 plus financing 5,000 equals 35,524.36....

    simple isn't it

    Pete :blob2:
  9. Ed Ryder

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    I used to have an auto buying service plus worked as a car salesman for a little while. My advice on car/truck buying is at:

    It might help.
  10. eslawns

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    not a cop any more, but I still have connections.

    I don't expect them to give me the truck, and I don't have a problem with them making money by selling it. I just don't think that they should be making all their money off of ME!

    I look at it this way,

    1. A new '03 Isuzu COE cab and chassis with a small gas V-8 is less than the deal they offered me.

    2. The truck they had is 2 years old. Doesn't matter whether it's still new or not. Tomorrow it would be a 2 year old truck, and if something happened, I'd lose my azz.

    3. Nothing about this deal was really attractive. High interest rate. That's my fault, but the bottom line is that I'm in a position to be a little choosy.

    4. Even if they made this a sweet deal, this is not my first choice in a truck. They were a long way from making this deal irresistable.

    BTW, I talked to fleet vehicle maintenance managers at 3 places and they all told me the same thing. If you are going to buy a new truck, and you're considering a diesel, that it's a bad choice unless you drive more than 25k miles a year. The extra cost for the engine, maintenance, and often fuel, is only offset by long miles on the road. Unless of course, you just want a diesel. :cool:

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