New truck dilemma.. Has to do with moving equipment

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Feb 3, 2013.

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    I bought a 2012 Chevy 2500HD with a 6.0 gas. I have to tell you, it pulls very well. I even pulled my Takeuchi TB153 which weighs 12,500 on trailer that weighs 5K from 4500 feet to 6500 feet and I got 6 mpg doing it. I am still a diesel guy especially on the heavier loads but the these newer gas trucks with at least a 6 speed tranny are not incompetent at towing previous generations of gas trucks have been.

    Finding the right diesel used would likely be ideal if your going to pull heavy and pull alot but if you want a new truck and gas allows you to get what you want and if your pulling under 15K combined with equipment and trailer, I would consider going gas.
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    u dont have to get a diesel engine, gas will do it. the newer trucks with gas enigine do quite well. I have a 05 ford f350 with v10 and that thing will dam near out tow my 03 powerstroke and i have had some heavy loads behind that thing and i have been very inpressed with it. i have 120k on it now and this thing will tow a t320 like lts not back there so do some reserch the technology that hte 05 and newer trucks have has allowed the gas engines to come close to diesel performance
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    I'll leave my gas 2500hd at home all day before I hook it up to move the bobcat or mini ex.. It'll do the job, but its slower all around and horrible gas mileage.. The duramax might only get around 11-12 pulling the bobcat but its better than 6-8 in the 6.0.
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    A diesel will get better mileage while pulling, but remember that diesel will cost .50 to 1.00 more a gallon. So when you run the entire cost of a diesel its not as superior to a gas as it would first appear. That being said, if your pulling real heavy diesel is the only option. I consider gas engines only an option on lighter pulls. Also the new 6 speed trannys are much more effective at putting the power to the ground than the typical 4 speed. As the 8 speed and above trannys become mainstream it will make gas engines even more viable.

    If I were buying new and I was routinely pulling around 12K and every so often around 15K I would go gas. At those weights you will never see the cost benefit of going diesel. If I were pulling 15K routinely then I think the scale goes the other way.

    The cost of these new diesel trucks I think should cause some rethinking on when to check the oil burner box. It used to be you could buy a diesel simply because you wanted to, maybe some still can, however most of us need to be more careful. During the boom of the mid2000's I bought my wife a new 03 2500HD CC duramax to drive to work. She now drives a La Crosse. I would normally own a diesel even just to drive around to bid jobs an occassionaly pull something. I now own said 2500HD gas truck for such work, it gets 15.5 on the highway. My 06 3500 DRW Duramax gets 16.5. I paid the same for the 2012 truck as I did the 06 Duramax.
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    ksss. That's my whole problem now. I was dead set buying a new truck. A basic gas truck is already 30 grand in my area, Diesels start at 38 minimum. That's crazy in my opinion. a 6.7 is almost a $10k price option now. I have a 5 minute drive to my day job. My jobs are all in this area. Fuel mileage isn't much of a concern.

    I've found an 04 6.0 Dually I'm going to look at. It's got 52k miles, $20k

    Also found a v10 for the same price.

    And yes I'm are of the 6.0 problems. They can easily be fixed.
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    Is that a dealer price? I would work it down. I know its low miles but its still almost 10 years old and the old body style and front suspension super duty
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    Private dealer. It's an xlt black leather, captain chairs, etc. it's nice lol. I'm going to call them in an hour. I would love to have a 6.4 but they're big money around here. Same for cummins

    Duramaxs are in a league of their own. 28k for a truck with 200k on it? That's sad lol
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  8. alldayrj

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    I got my 03 lariat with 100k for $10k. Make a cash offer they can't refuse
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    Lot's of people going back to gas around here, construction and farmers/ag related businesses. Seams like in the past the gas HD trucks had horrible resale and even though Diesel cost more you would get it back at resale. Now it seams like gas HD trucks are doing well on resale. I talked to a guy snowmobiling that is diesel tech at a large Ford dealer, he was saying that he got some fleets to go back to gas and they have been reporting less down time and more money.
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    I have a 03 f350 dually Lariet crew 6.0 on here for sale with a plow and spreader for 17,500 or can just sell you the truck for 13,500 cash. Are you the same one that emailed me off of craigslist ? How far out of Ches beach do you travel for work?

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