New truck dilemma.. Has to do with moving equipment

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Feb 3, 2013.

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    I am sure you know the issues with the 6.0 and 6.4, but they are a bad investment. Even if you dump the money in them to make them run, no one wants one. You cant give them away. A 28K 200K mile Duramax is silly, but it shows how stong the preception of that truck is, even if you dont like GM trucks, anyone that knows anything about pickups knows its a great powertrain. Buy a Dodge if GM doesnt do it for you, but putting money in a 6.0 or 6.4 is equally as silly as buying the 200K Duramax.
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    diesel diesel diesel. once you have one you'll never go back if you get an older one my dodge is a '98 the last of the good ones after that they went electronic. now the new ones have more power and better mileage but the 98 is easy to work on. they arent as bad as what people say they are pretty simple with a little know how and using internet searches you can tackle almost any repair.
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    I've seen your truck, but too many miles for me. I travel as far as I need to to work. Where are you located?
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    Our work is in Howard,AA county but we will be building in Lothian as soon as we finish the plans . Ches beach is a nice little area, we run our boat out of there a few times a year depending on where the fish are . If you are going to be running 301 or 4 then make sure you are set up properly. Many times I have seen DOT pull every landscaper coming out of 2 into Edgewater
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    I will chime I here. Currently running all gmc trucks. 4trucks have the 6.0 and two diesel, one which I drive. One any given day we pull. Sometime as light as a mower to a 32 ft gooseneck with equipment, sod, blocks, ect. Diesel is by the far my choice for pulling. The 6.0 engines do just fine with the same weight load and trailer configurations as those with the diesels. Mileage I really don't watch because its part of doing business for me. Each truck is ran to the 150k range and then we move on. Thus far neither engine has cost us money. We do our own maitanace on them but our diesels have a higher ownership cost vs our gas engines. Reason why fuel filters, dpf fill ups, oil filter cost more, and more oil into that Diesel engine. Gas oil filters, 6qts of oil, a little grease and were good. So does it make sense for a 10k option to go diesel? I am still figuring that one out. But I own two and I have 4 gasses. Best of both worlds for me! What I see from you is ..... Go gas if gm engine. 6.0 have been great for us. And if your pulling 2-3 days a week to and from, save some green and go gas. I can't speak for other trucks right now as we switched over to all gm in 2008. Best of luck deciding.
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    Dont forget diesel holds there value much better then gas jobs...
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    and will typically run longer..
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    I had the nicest diesel truck i could imagine for towing. chevy 4500 and regularly had 9 tons behind it. When i got rid of that machine i didn't need the chevy to tow it and sold it and it's note and went back to using my old c65 chevy gasser. it's a paid for $4500 truck. the milage sucks but it pulls fine. a little slower but can tow whatever i put behind it. also, is legal to carry more weight than the 4500. purchase price considered and the premium to buy diesel at he pump over gas i haven't looked back. these trucks are a dime a dozen and may make sense particularly when just starting. you'll be spending plenty of money on a mini ex and skid, save some where you can. also, I'm not thinking there are many mountains around chesapeake beach, so it's not like a tough towing area. a gasser will do fine. the downside to the larger truck is the cdl issue, not that big a deal to get one but it is an issue. Good luck,
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    Out of curiosity, what engine is in your C65? Do you have an idea what you fuel mileage is?
  10. tnmtn

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    the C65 has a 366 long block. it gets around 6-8 empty and 6 with a heavy load. the more time spent in the low range gears the worse the milage is.

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