New truck dilemma.. Has to do with moving equipment

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. tnmtn

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    i guess for me it's hard to imagine having a skid and mini ex without some kind of dump truck. with that in mind it's hard for me to justify a truck payment for a 1 ton dump truck when starting a new business direction. when for less than half of the prices the op was quoting he could get a single axle and not worry about weights and towing. it does involve a cdl but those trucks are built to work hard and not complain. when the biz is established and making money get whatever truck can make the most money. the older gas C65 sized trucks can tow the skid or mini ex without breathing hard.
  2. whiffyspark

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    The problem is that I have a family to drive around too. I don't need a dump truck either, I do mostly mulching and some minor grading. Trucks are cheap enough you can hire out.

    Cdl is almost $1500 around here
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  3. KTM

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    I have a buddy with a 01 2500 with a 6.0 that has been abused waaaayyyyy more then the average diesel. Guy is 31 years old and drives like he's 16. even when he's pulling his dump trailer and plowing. 185k miles and motors never been touched. 2 transmissions and 1 rear end. Truck is lifted too. Best thing is when it goes you get a new motor for 3000 or less.
  4. tbi

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    Used motors are $600 because no one needs them. Try and buy a 5.4 and see what it costs.
  5. tbi

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    Ive got one with 217,000 on it now and you couldn't tell it from a new one.
  6. tbi

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    Here's the latest casualty loaded up and ready for a one way trip.
    My hard thoughts on any trucks is you don't make any real money with any of them. So why drop another 9K on a diesel? With higher fuel costs and maintenance it's hard to justify those costs to get there a few minutes sooner.
  7. Junior M

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    Well if a new one pulls like mine does now, I'll never have another one.
  8. JNB Construction

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    No kidding on the 5.4. I bought a low mileage used one for my wife's F150, and it wasn't cheap. Doing the swap without taking the cab off was not fun.
  9. KTM

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    5.4 is the one gas motor in a modern hd truck that I would not recommend. The V10 and 5.4 are more expensive then the other gassers to rebuild or replace. Still a fraction of the cost to replace or do some repairs on modern diesel's. I know a guy who's 6.4 went down, not good:dizzy:
  10. JPsDuramax

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    We have an 04 2500HD with the LLY Duramax and an 04 F350 with the 6.0 and I hate using the Ford to tow anything. It has only 150k miles on it, and I believe that we have put enough money into it to buy another new 350 at full price! :cry: It has left me on the side of the road three times while pulling a lawn trailer. The worst part is, it's not even worth trying to sell it because we have so much invested into it.

    As for my Chevy, I have over 210K miles on it and so far no major repairs. I regularly tow our 853 and our TB135 (not at the same time mind you) and average about 12mpg while towing.

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