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New truck needed for towing 3500 lbs

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jkilov, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. jkilov

    jkilov LawnSite Bronze Member
    from MS
    Messages: 1,415

    OK my F-250 is getting a tad old and I'm looking for some new wheels.

    What I need:
    - regular cab: solo or max. 2 people
    - 8' bed: needed for cleanups
    - RWD is sufficient
    - economical engine (max 6-cyl., in-line is preferred), no diesels
    - conventional mechanics, no technological masturbation
    - manual tranny, but will settle for automatic if no choice is given
    - tall gearing (3.6 or bellow diff ratio is preferred)
    - 5000 lbs towing capacity
    - 8000 lbs GVWR
    - durability, reliability, easy maintenance
    - base trim, no toys are needed
    - a real truck, no "truck imitating cars" allowed

    Looking at:
    - Ford F-150 3.7 V6
    - Chevy Colorado 3.7 I5 or 2.9 I4
    - Toyota Tundra 4.0 V6

    I have been a Ford man all my life and the F-150 looks great and like a real truck, but I'm also used to the fact that something always keeps breaking down, usually small stuff but getting the truck to last and look mint in the process takes a lot of dedication. I know Fords tend to be durable if you take good care of them. That said I got an informative quote at the dealer the other day and it seems they have become quite steep even if base equipped. I don't recall spending that much on the 250 ...

    So I'm giving chevy a look, love the fact they offer an in-line-5, should be simple to service and run smooth and better on fuel (the 250 is a real gas hog and I need more economy). Not sure about the frame/chassis if it's up to Ford level, never owned a chevy before.

    Finally the Tundra, it ain't cheap and it's not my favorite but I'm giving it some consideration non the less. Power is more than I need and looks aren't exactly to my taste. From experience on my wife's corolla I know when Toyota's break down repair bills run high, but if the build quality is up to scratch I'll give them a look. My greatest complaint would be that the Tundra looks and feels like a car and it won't handle commercial work as well as the US competition.

    Have read several reviews and used the search function but still I would like to hear some opinions: what MPG people are getting and how many miles each lasts before things start to go bad.

    PS. please take a vote,
    Thank you

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