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New Truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jazak, Mar 10, 2006.


Which one is better- first read thread

Poll closed Mar 13, 2006.
  1. 04 Ford

  2. 03 Chevy

  1. jazak

    jazak LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 843

    :) I have been looking for a new truck I found a Ford and Chevy
    The Ford is a 2004 F-250 Blue, Regular cab, 4x4, auto,7K miles, pickup with a minute mount 8' plow Fisher for $20K. The Chevy is a 2003 3500 White, Regular cab, 4x4, auto, 14K miles with a 9' landscape dump body. The guy was asking $22k got him down to $21K. Whick would you guys say is a better buy.
  2. Gettin a F350 myself. Did alot of research and they are both good trucks. I've had both. I think you are getting more truck for the money with the Chevy.:usflag:
  3. RedWingsDet

    RedWingsDet LawnSite Gold Member
    from Detroit
    Messages: 3,556

    If your only going to use it for work and not personal use, then get the chevy, you'll love the dump bed..

    and just so you know, I like any of the big 3, their all the same to me, but to alot of people there not and I bet you by the 15th post this thread will be another war about what company makes the best trucks, but we all know, that all 3 make the best!

  4. Stafford Landscaping

    Stafford Landscaping LawnSite Member
    Messages: 120

    I agree with Redwings get the dump if your going to use it for work it will make life alot easier. I wouldn't be with out mine.

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