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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JB926, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. JB926

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    I am defintely going to set-up a new irrigation service truck before the season and want some suggestions. This will also serve as a plow truck if it ever snows again. I have been researching this for a while and think I have come to my conclusion. We currently have fords and one dodge and think I am leaning more toward another Dodge. If its a Dodge: 2008 3500 dually diesel 4x4 auto quad cab 9' utility. not sure if i want it enclosed or not. If not I will prob mount 2 more boxs on top of the cabinets one on each side for more storage. If its a Ford: 2008 350 dually diesel 4x4 auto extended not crew. They are just too long for plowing when you put a 9ft body on the ford.
    I want to know everones opininions on my choice of trucks and what you people would recomend. I figure since its been a little dead around hear lately a long post wouldnt be so annoying. And Im trying to keep the price as low as possible. I have seen the same trucks listed for about $10K cheaper in North and South Carolinas than in NJ. Please Help

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    Don't get spend happy. You need to keep an eye on costs. I'd look for a good two year old. I think buying a vehicle off the lot is the worst decision possible. Let someone else take the hickey and you find a solid two year old.
  3. JB926

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    i know but a used one like I refer to is hard to come by. I figured new so I get the full warranty which is usually 100K mile drivetrain. Since I want 4X4 I feel like you never know how those lets say 25k miles got on one if i went new used. Im not saying I wont get one like that but Ive been looking for a while now.
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    Those others trucks mentioned, are they part of the deal and how many trucks do you need for that amount of customers? 2

    Things are really exciting now, just remember those payments on top of the business payments, plus gas payments, plus insurance payments, plus pay roll, plus, plus, plus. Plus you need a regular paycheck. All that being said buy a unimog customized to your needs.
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    I would by a box truck with a lift gate for your trencher/puller. Thats what I am planning on. You can buy a 2-3 year old box truck super cheap.
  6. JB926

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    but cant plow with it. read the post
  7. Keen

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    Messages: 50 sounds like you already know what you want and are not very interested in advice to the contrary.

    You want a new truck and you want it now. I call that "car fever" (or "truck fever" in this case), most who have been through it would advise you that buying used is a much smarter thing to do. True most of the contractors I know think they can't make any money unless they are tooling around in a $50k + truck every day...I just don't agree.

    That being said if you are really just trying to decide "Ford vs. Dodge" there are plenty of web sites that will give you more advice than you can handle on that debate.

    Good luck with finding your truck, :)
  8. JB926

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    first off I turned here for advice. I know there are ford and dodge forums out there but do they do irrigation and snow, NO. I will take all your opinions serious as long as they follow what I m actually looking for. box truck not looking for it. used maybe. I want to know what everyone else is using or would use for irrigation and snow
  9. Wet_Boots

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    Chill, dude. You don't have to rush your decision for another truck. Almost another year until next winter's plowing season, if plow you must. You have time to search for a deal on a used truck, and if the economy takes a downturn, you will find opportunities to buy.
  10. DanaMac

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    I agree, don't rush into it.

    I am actually looking for the opposite. I want to sell two of our 1/2 ton trucks and get a couple 2WD 4 cylinder trucks - Ranger or S10 type trucks. But we only do service work - no installs, no plowing. I want to cut down on our fuel bills. Rarely will we need 4WD, but if so we will have at least one or two on hand.

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