1. Doug406

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    Well I sold my 86 chevy today. No time for the hobby anymore. Which truck would you guys recommend? I need to plow and pull a 24' enclosed all summer. Chevy, Ford , Dodge , deisel, v10 ? It will be new. Will 3 -36 warrenty cover snowplowing destructions? Lawn Care, no dump box needed.<br>
  2. GeoffDiamond

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    Well here we go:<br>Dino, ALAN, John, and some other guys will say chevy.<br>ME, Todd, and the guy from Ny snowpros and Phil will say ford<br>Bill the lawn guy will say Dodge,<p>I don't know what the rest will say, but those are my predictions.<p>Ok my first question is do you want a pick-up or dump truck.<p>I think for towing you will want a diesel right off now question about it. I know Ford will cover the 3/36 even with a snowplow on the truck, i am not sure about the other manufactures, but i think they will.<p>My recomendation would be a 1 ton truck, either pick-up or dump truck to plow and tow. However if you want to put a v-box in the truck i would say maybe look at a Ford F 450 or 550. There is only about $ 1000.00 dollar price difference between the 450 and 550 so I would go for the 550.<p>You might want to even get dual rear wheels on a pick-up, depending on the weight of the 24' trailer.<p>Here are my two recomendations: <p>Pick up:<p>F 350 4X4<br>Diesel <br>Snowplow Prep<br>Auto<br>Max GVW package<br>Trialer Tow Package<br>XL Packge with XL add on group: this gives you wheel covers, crome bumpers, cloth seat, ect.<br>Air<br>Towing Mirrors<br>9' Diamond Plow<p>Dump Truck<p>F 550 or F 350<br>4X4<br>Disel<br>Trailer Tow Package<br>Snow Plow Package<br>XL Package and XL add on group, crome bumpers, cloth seat, wheel covers.<br>Auto<br>Air<br>Towing Mirros I think they are standard<br>3-4 Yard Rugby Dump Body<br>9' Fisher MC Plow.<br>V-Box<p>Ok i know there are going to be other configurations presented by other guys. I know Ford produces good truck, they have always worked well for me. I will also admit that chevy/gmc makes good truck i had a GMC 1500 that i beat hard. I honestly don't know much about dodge, but haven't heard much good. The way i see it with new trucks, is they are all nice when they run, but all suck when they break. <p>If you are a little on the tall side like myself 6'4&quot; with a size 16 foot, i think you will like the Ford SD cab. I have test driven some chevys and really couldn't fit in the cab. I think no matter what truck you buy, you will like and have good luck with it, i just suggest the Fords.<p>Geoff<p>
  3. steveair

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    Very right on the interior size of the chevys. Unless you get the extended cab.<br>Everytime I get in ours at work, I try to put the seat back, and bam, nothing. I still even catch myself getting out and folding the seat down to make sure theres nothing stuck back there. <p>As for brands, I am a chevy man, but because of the way the fords look, I would have to go with either a 450 or 550. To me, if your gonna buy a 350 and spend that kind of money, then why not spend a little more and get the ford 450 or 550 which seems to have a lot more utility, payload, etc. than any other truck out there today. Untill chevy or dodge come out with something new, the fords seem the way to go.
  4. Lazer

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    550 7.3L
  5. John DiMartino

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    If you are buying a DRW/or cab and chassis,a agree with Geoff's truck choice,no one has a better rig than Ford for noe,no matter how much I hate to admit it.Now if you want a pickup,price will be your guide.If you want a tough and easy to use truck that will not kill the wallet,and drives like a car-but can out haul a ford and dodge,go with a 2500 HD or 3500 GMC/Chevy with vortec 5700.If your trailer is real heavy,over 7000-and you travel a long distance you might be better off with a diesel.I have found enclosed trailers really drag a lot and my Cummins pulls them with ease,while gassers strain and bog on hills.If you go diesel,in a dodge you can get the snow plow prep in all 2500/3500 4x4's STD or Quad cab.A Ford can only handle plow with STD cab and diesel.A Dodge will turn inside a Ford by a big margin,very agile for a big truck.A Ford will be easier to find on the lot and your likely to get a better deal on one than a dodge.Neither will heat up in the morning without working them,drive it to warm it up.Dont even consider a 6.5 GM diesel,they are being phased out and wont pull over 8000 LBs anyway without voiding warranty.So if you want gas,GM is the best motor with the proven chassis,the best auto's but no cab room,Its a trade off either way.Who has the best service in your area-that and how far will you have to go to get it fixed,they will all break sooner or later.If you are buying a 3/4 diesel P/u,ford or dodge-they are both payload challenged.Both weigh about 7000 empty,add plow+tools+2 guys and a couple salt bags and your overweight.If your putting a V-box in it get a F550,best choice period.It will tow anything too,just not the best for driveways.Good luck and try them all,pick the one you like best.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
  6. columbiaplower

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    ford f350<br>desiel<br>dual wheels<br>ex cab a must<br>What work do you do?<br>If its landscape a dump is a must<p>Geoff i love ford as much as you do, (just to let you know) <p>-Nick
  7. plowking35

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    As far as I know all manufactures will honer warranties on properly equipped trucks.<br>I also have to(albeit grudgingly)that if you need payload, get the 550, and get the diesel.I know Geoff says that they have improved the trannies,but only time will tell.<br>If you can wait till the end of the year, GM will have the best engine and tranny combos available in the light truck market. Whether you get the new duramax diesel or the new 8.1 gas you will get the most powerfull in its class engine and a t-1000 allison 5 sp auto tranny.<br>If you want a diesel with an stick get the dodge, nothing beats a cummins with a 5 or six speed. Bullet proof, only prob its wrapped in a dodge. Also its a dying breed, soon the b series may not be avaiable in new dodges.<br>If you need a truck now, and a gass engine is ok, look at a GM. I have seen a 8600gvw K-2500 with auto ac plow prep and locking dif, appearance up grade for 21,500.<br>And a k-3500 same options for 22,500.<br>As far as diesel vs gas, if you trade the truck every 5 yrs or less, the diesel option will never pay off. And they power difference is negligable. I know other will disagree but 4K for an engine option from ford or dodge is alot of money.<br>Now we all know that the 6.5 is not offered in 2001,but if you want a good diesel(not great, but good)at a very good price(my option was only $ 1200)look into the 6.5. They have added alot of new mods to the 6.5 since 97 and they are very reliable now, and are competitive with power and torque. <br>I heard today the GM has topped the fortune 500 list for all companies as the biggest and dropped ford to #4.<br>GO GENERALL<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org
  8. n y snow pros

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    well all that can be said has been mentioned and i dont want to add to the power struggle here on which truck is best.but i will add my 2 cents anyway.We have always had chevy and gmc and had good luck with them.We bought 2 fords this year and i have to say i like them better than the gm product.What i notice about all of our gm trucks was the ride regardless of gvw,gas or basic model to deluxe,the ride was always the same very smooth and comfortable.But in the Fords the ride was definitely different from gas to diesal and xl to xlt.The fords i refer to are srw 350s and the ride in the gas truck is hard and you feel it,but the ride in the diesel is perfect in fact it is the most comfortable ride we have ever experienced.The diesel adds the wieght and makes the difference in the ride noticably better.I have to admit i have been changed to a ford beleiver but only in trucks and thats light duty trucks only ie 150 to 550 class.So now that i have added to the dilemma of which truck to buy,i beleive it comes down to 2 factors.1 your own personal preference and how big your wallet is because i think they are all great trucks,they can all do the jobs you require from a truck and they all cost way too much.
  9. thelawnguy

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    Do you need a dump, or just a pickup? You really need to try them out yourself, to see what fits you best. If its a pickup youre going for, any of the three are decent, if its gas engine Dodge and GM have the edge, diesel Ford and Dodge are better choice. If its a small dump under 11,000gvw go with dodge or ford, the chevy front axles dont have high enough weight rating to really mount up a plow meaty enough for the truck. If you want a truck over 11,000 check out the Freightliner and Navistar, you get a helluva lot more for your money than you can with F450/550 or GM 3500HD.<p>As usual, my opinion, yours may vary.<p>Bill
  10. GeoffDiamond

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    from Maine
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    Just let us know which way go, because i bet we all want to know.<p>Geoff

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