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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ClippersLC, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I would have bought it used.

    I just saw the exact same truck but obviously a couple years older for $40k and it only had 12k miles on it

    but it is a very very nice truck! We have the exact same truck but not a dually, we got it for $52k. The only reason I bought it was becasue I got a killer deal on my trade in.
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    Now I see this post. All that matters for a CDL is the GCWR of the truck and trailer and not what you are actually carrying. If any cop see's you pulling that gooseneck trailer with no commercial inspection sticker on the truck and trailer he is going to pull you over and ask you for your CDL. Next comes the $1500 ticket.

    You'd better park that trailer until you get your license. Pulling a trailer like that you really stand out and had better count yourself lucky you have not been pulled over yet. Farmers operating within 50 miles of their land can get away with no CDL but that's about the only exception.

    I deleted all my EGR and DPF stuff at 20K. Threw on a FASS to improve filtration and make the injectors last longer. A AFE Pro Dry filter is nice to avoid having to oil anything. If you want to add a tiny bit of power (60 HP) that's 68RFE safe get a Smarty and a set of ARP 625 head studs. Add a 5" TBE and you'll love how the EB sounds on a cold morning. With a push of a button the truck whines like the turbine engine on a M1 tank and makes everyone turn their heads to see where the noise is coming from. An Edge CS is a must for using as a gauge cluster as well.

    The only drawback of the 68RFE is if you want to really crank up the power you'll have to shell out $9,0000 for a Suncoast Mega Comp Trans and converter to hold the power.
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    why are you pulling 20 tons?
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    The problem with most gooseneck hitches appears to be that they are rated for pulling 30K on mostly flat land or gentle hills. Throw in an insane hill climb and the force pulling on the ball will likely double or more. Being overbuilt will never cause an accident but having a gooseneck trailer rip free of your truck could kill you or someone else.

    The most I've pulled is about 28K. That was a 20' dump trailer with 16 yards of top dressing. The top dressing weighted 44 lbs per cubic foot.
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    $71K for a pickup? YIKES!:hammerhead:

    Here a NEW F550 DUMPTRUCK runs 50K. Have fun with the $1000 payments!
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    Next time you buy a truck I would bring a buddy who is a total ball busting a-hole to help with the process. The options on a truck cost the dealers very little and add a tremendous amount of markup to the sticker. On loaded Laramie trucks the profit margin can be twice or more the profit margin for a ST or STX.

    Most dealers just use a local truck accessory shop to add air bags and things like that and just mark up the price. You always get the short end of the stick when you ask the dealer to add anything you could have done yourself or shopped around to get the best price on. I don't know why you would do an add a leaf and airbags? Just a set of PacBrake airbags will handle over 5K on the pin with ease at 100 psi.

    The most important thing to find out when buying a truck is what the dealer "adds" are. Dealer adds are things like tow hooks, 3M cloth treatments, pin stripes, mud flaps, or all the other stuff dealers manage to add to trucks. They will add these items to trucks and print their own MSRP sticker that looks factory. They will put $500 worth of stuff on a truck and raise the MSRP by $5000. This give them a ton of leeway to bargain with. They will knock ten grand off the MSRP making you think your getting a steal when in reality your getting $5K off and $500 worth of crap.

    My truck is an 09' 3500 STX 4x4 3500 that was about $48K on the window. I did the zero for 72 and still got about $7K+ off. A good general rule I use is you should get at least 15% off MSRP not including any rebates. If you can get 20% off that is an even better deal. At a modest 15% off you should have gotten $9K+ off MSRP.

    Never trade in a truck because that always screws up the process and it will cost you one way or the other. I realize some guys are mild mannered and don't have the mentality for the deal making process and don't mind sighing on the line and just being done with the process. My farther always trades and has wasted a ton of money over the years buying a new truck every two years. I'm the opposite and will gladly runs the sales guys nuts through the meat grinder repeatedly until I think his commission is reasonable.

    Also, always find similar trucks at multiple dealerships and make the sales guys bust each others balls in an effort to get your business. Always embellish on the price they are quoted when you talk to the other sales guys. You need to work the process hard or your going to leave a pile of money on the table that belongs in your pocket. We all work too hard to just give away thousands of dollars.

    Sometimes the more trucks you buy the bigger your balls will get for the deal making process (or your going to waste enough money to get a truck for free!). Buying trucks is a learning process where you should learning something from each purchase that will help you in the future.

    Not sure what seat covers you purchased but the Cover King covers are probably the best. They cover the center console, the seats and all the head rests. They cost $500 (Auto Anything) but they are worth it. Like the other guys said do not idle needlessly and use the exhaust brake 100% of the time. On cold mornings the EB will heat up the truck much more quickly.

    Have fun with your new ride. If you have any questions about your ride feel free to send me a PM. I've been a Cummins nut since 02'. From stock, to mild mods, to $30K+ in mods I've done it all.
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    they put exhaust brakes (engine brakes, jake brakes?) on small trucks? i thought that was only for semi's.

    i know of someone that ordered an electromagnet drive shaft brake from Europe. since engine brakes are illegal in alot of towns

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