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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ClippersLC, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Well real truck downsouth dont have plows.
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    Lol... Well put Kajun...
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    The 4500s take a long time to get them built iv ordered 2 so far. The 2011 took about 10 weeks for delivery the 2012 was much worse I think it was 141 days. But you can't understand the love you can have for a truck till you own one. My baby is 18 months old and just yesterday I was out picking something up and I was at a light. That's when I noticed an entire paving crew in the parking lot on the side of me all starring, pointing and drooling over my truck. That makes the price tag nearly worth it. But mine came in less than yours 60 and 65k a pop slt crew cabs with 9 foot reading dumps with contractor racks. I could list all the options but I only skimped inside the truck ie leather seats or high end multi media what ever.
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    my house is only worth 47k
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    If you search on you will find because of the regen process with the emissions idling can cause fuel dilution in the oil and clog the turbo with soot. I suggest turning the truck off if sitting for more than 5 mins. Also run with the exhaust brake on at all times to keep the turbo free of soot. If you have a delete friendly dealer I would delete the emissions as soon as you can. People who run the truck on the open roads with a load have no problems because the dpf stays hot enough to not put the truck in regen. Like you I'm running an 11' 2500 on maint route but mostly big comm and resi so it only moves a few time a day. Like I said do a search on cummins forum and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know. BTW I have 28k and have had emissions deleted since 10k.
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    By emissions, do you mean EGR and DPF delete? Also, does that void the warranty?
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    Yes. My dealer will still do warranty work. Some dealers say it voids warranty. It seems to vary between dealers. There is a law called the magnum-moss act that states legally they have to fix warr issues not related to the power train. If you have a power window out they can't say sorry your warr is void because of the tuner. Also there is the issue of passing emissions testing in certain areas, states.
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    that's a lot of truck to be pulling around a 14' trailer haha
    great truck tho
    do you have a CDL license for those huge loads?
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    Nice "work truck".
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