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New Truck

Acute Cut

LawnSite Senior Member
Bellingham WA
I have a 73 P.O.S. I lost the starter last night while checking my mail at the PO Box. Easy fix, but it was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. I think ill buy a new truck. I have had 5 people tell me different things. "F#&$^ Over Rebuild Dodge" (FORD) sucks they say. I like the look though. A Ram is too much truck for a lawn business i think. Chevy has had some problems i have heard. WHo knows. I am NOT a mechanic by any means so i have finally decided that new is the way to go. (Two trucks and 9 engines later->All in one year) What is your opinion. I know i will need bed space cause i mow like 10 lawns a day at least and haul clippings away. (Trailer for equip) My current rig (Or Rusty P.O.S. if you will) gets like 8-10 mpg. I would like to try to get that a little higher too i suppose. Have a good day ya'll.


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
You dont say whether you will be plowing snow or if you do landscape installs. If just mowing, a 1/2 ton 2wd full-size pickup will be more than adequate even towing up to 4000 lb trailer. Most 3/4 ton trucks will top out at 10 mpg vs. 15+ for 1/2 ton. Ford, Dodge, GM-what works for some doesnt for another, so try em all out, they each have their +'s and -'s, ive heard good and bad about them all.<p>Bill

CA Enterprises

LawnSite Member
I'll just tell what I have. I have a Chevy C3500/1ton. It is a crew cab which is nice for extra workers when needed, it has an 8 foot bed and will pull a house damn near off the foundation. <p>You really don't need this much truck, however, if you want the cab space you have to buy the 1 ton. I got the one with the single rear end. I didn't need duals, besides they are more expensive to keep up.<p>I also have a hay trailer that maxes out at 30k pounds so another reason for the larger truck.<p>If you want good gas mileage I would recommend buying a 3/4 ton with a diesel. I made the mistake of buying a 454 to save the intial $4000, but the gas is going to make up for that. <br>The new ford powerstroke super duty is nice, but don't get sticker shocked!! lol<p>Good luck,<p>Adam :)<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: CA Enterprises


LawnSite Member
You guys know when i have a position I dont hold back! This is no exception! FORD!!! My truck has been to mars and back the bumpy way and is surviving! Ive always been around FORDs. Go with the F250 superduty If you can offord the 350 go with that but definatly dont just get a 150 Good luck. I can say that you wont have problems with a new truck... or an old FORD!! (See i told ya i had an opinion on this one! lol)

Lee Homan

LawnSite Member
Decatur, Alabama
If I were in the market to buy a truck and I hauled off grass clippings I wouldn't buy a pick up truck. I would look at a good used 1 ton dump truck. It would be alot easier when emptying clippings and alot more handier when doing clean ups and you could always adapt a vac system to it for leaves. When I purchase my next truck I will definately be looking for a small dump truck. I know to well about dumping grass clippings out of a pick up. Good Luck.

AB Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
I will agree with matt.I own a 81 ford f150.Its body is soon going to be toast but it has never let me down!And lets face it only one paint job in 19 years of hard labor is awsome!I have seen so many people buy new dodges becouse they look good and they soon after have problem after problem.I have found year after year that fords will keep on running and I hope you go with ford!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care


LawnSite Member
Creve Coeur, MO
If I were to buy today I would either buy a Ford or Dodge 3/4 ton. And I would have to go for a diesel. I like the cummins in the dodge better than the ford. But I have more fath in ford as far as the rest of the truck.<br>Homer just got a new dodge, You might ask him.<br>Steve


LawnSite Gold Member
At this point I would have to recommend buying a Dodge. I am well pleased with mine and have found that there is a large difference between a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton. I pull a 20' trailer with 3 ztr's every day, the 1/2 ton didn't have the braking power to stop it or the suspension to hold it very well. I now have the braking power and the ability to maintain my hiway speed even in a headwind! The diesel is much lighter on the wallet and the trips to the gas staion are less often. I haven't had it long enough to give long term results but others have told me they have been very happy with theirs. I hope it continues to impress me, I just wish I had bought one sooner.<p>Homer