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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Well, I told you I would update you after I met with Bad Boy on the September 17th (Today).

    So let's start with the phone conversation I had with Mark Tissiere from Bad Boy on September 5. During our initial phone conversation I described to Mark the problems I was having and what I thought was the cause for the change in cut quality. It was during this conversation that Mark indicated that part of the problem may be my weight (300-lbs) and that we might have to add tractor weighs on the front of the mower. Now I didn't say anything to Mark at the time, but I was thinking, if we do, it's not going to be at my expense. But I figured that could wait until we met up at the Dealership on the September 17th (today).

    But after LOSING MY A$$ OFF all week from double, triple cutting,on Tuesday September 11th I emailed Mark a series of photographs I took of my cutomers lawns, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, along with a letter.

    On each picture, I documented the problems. In the first photo was a picture of a ditch line in front of one of customer's. [​IMG] I told him, see the various levels? Well this was my most embarrasing moment, because as you can see in the next photo,[​IMG] I hit this at multiple angles and I still couldn't cut it the right way. The embarrassment came when the neighbor brought over his Cub Cadet RZT 50" and made it look like carpet (with weeds). I was so embarrassed I drove away and forgot to take a picture. Then I sent him a picture of what I called a PAW mark, [​IMG]where anytime I stop and the grass beneath my tires is brown, as I start to take off, the mower digs in and rips up the dead grass up, and my customers are think its a zero turn, but its actually 1/8 tire spin. On good grass it never paws, but it will natch brown spots bald.

    Then I sent him two pictures of Kentucky bluegrass, that the mower cuts beautifully. [​IMG][​IMG]If all my lawns were bluegrass I'd be in Great Shape! Bluegrass can be tall, it can be wet, super dense, it cuts it beautifully. Then I sent him two pictures of fescue and that is a totally new story. [​IMG] [​IMG]I have to mower fescue at least twice, and most times three or four times before it is all even - making me LOSE MY ARSE!!! The next picture I sent him was rye grass,[​IMG] and the property is wide open! no trees, no bushes, no landscape beds, no nothing but a house! So I only charged this guy $35, as my trimming is almost null. So mow and go! Well... that what it should be, but again, I end up crosshatching the lawn to ensure it is all even, double my expense, thus losing my arse!

    The last two pictures I sent him was of my property, and the stripes. [​IMG][​IMG]The mower can lay down a mean stripe. Then I wrote a letter, and in the letter I said, my bottom-line was this: Since my #1 concern about buying this mower was my weight, and I was told, "No this mower can handle you, and perform well" I think there is three viable solutions. 1. Between Bad Boy and the All Season, y'all do what you need to, to get the mower functioning perfectly at no cost to me! 2. Y'all take back this mower back, and give me an Outlaw 54 Zero Turn that will handle my fat arse, and we just change the paperwork with the bank, since the 54" Outlaw ZT is actually cheaper than my current mower. 3. Y'all take this mower back and we wipe out the loan and we all go our separate ways, no harm, no foul. 4. Y'all do nothing, and I decide what legal action I need to take next. Oh... by the way, the mower has developed a REAL DANGEROUS habit of the left hydro randomly sticking in reverse - as when I'm doing a zero turn and I push the right forward and pull the left back putting me into a 270° turn. It only sticks a fraction of a second, but its enough to create and over turn. So far it has only happened in the wide open, but you can imagine what would happen if I was near a house, or a car, or retention wall, or a drop off. That would be a VERY BAD SITUATION!!! I close the letter with the statement, I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE A NEGATIVE SITUATION!!!

    Mark said when he got in town and was at the dealership he would give me a call. Well guess what... I didn't hear from Mark today at all!!! So I am assuming, they are opting for option #4, So tomorrow I guess I don't have a choice, I will need to call Fieger Law, and see what my options are at this point.
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    Well well well, not sure what to say here other than i'm interested in the outcome and i of course feel for ya. To me, it's tough to really see how bad the stripes/cut are in the pics. Meaning it's clear they aren't good but its tough to see how bad they really are.

    Your weight does raise a red flag with me but surely you can't be the 1st 300 lb'r to cut grass on a commercial machine.

    I will say this, your pics are depicted of properties that would warrant a double cut but its' clear not much is being cut. Did you contact retrodog? If anyone can help it will be him.

    Keep up posted.
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    Craig, I said I would be in Michigan the week of the 17th and I would call you when I was at the dealership. I have an appointment in the morning, a couple hours away from the dealer. You have my number, if you were this concerned, why didn't you send a text or call. Why throw me under the bus? Is this how you get other people to work with you? These lawns are not too healthy, except, the one with the swing and it looks pretty good, in my opinion. Also, I never mentioned one thing about tractor weights. I said, there are some things I can try, to balance the machine for you. Again, I said I would come and work with you to get your issues resolved, which is what I am doing and this post is how you show your appreciation? I will be at the dealer between 2 and 3 tomorrow afternoon. If you can't make it until 4 or 5, I will still be there. If you can't make it until the next morning, I will see you then. I ma doing exactly as I said i would do. You know what they say about assuming things, don't you?

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    Calm down Mark. It's September and we did just get over a drought. Hope you guys can work this out.
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    Way to call your customer an ass. Here is a tip. Next time contact your customer directly
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    No worries for BB, the 4th reich will have this thread go poof. Just like pixy dust.....:)
  7. Here's my question, out of all the standers, why did you buy a badboy? Not being a jerk, just curious.
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    I kinda agree with this. Personally I would have made contact before I vented negative stuff about my rep on LS especially if I really wanted to get it fixed.
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    They can't make me go poof
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    Yeah this ^^^^ :drinkup:

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