NEW UPDATE on Bad Boy Outlaw Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Sep 17, 2012.

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    man i'm almost with the rep on this one...the OP came on a public forum that i'm guessing he knows his dealer, and specific rep i might add, gets on and bashes him, personally...threatening legal action in any way is a red flag, that's when "cool" goes out the window, so yes, it's now defensive...put it this way, how would you feel is you were so busy and you worked til dark yet you still didn't get all of your work done and someone went on angieslist or something like that and just started bashing you because you didn't get there until the next would say, do you think you could have called me first? i can assure you badboy will take care of this, you can't compete with toro/exmark/wright/etc. with poor customer service...

    on the other hand no it wasn't handled in the best way by the rep but i would have been pissed too...simply sounds like the OP was more in the wrong although i know i would be pissed if i spent that much money on a machine too...i would feel like a pussy if i simply pointed the finger and talked about getting a lawyer, at least this early in the situation

    if i tried multiple times to get ahold of my rep and was simply avoided, then i would post it on here and make it as personal as i could...that would probably be after i contacted a higher position in the company and still didn't get satisfactory feedback

    all in all, this situation was handled poorly on both ends...
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    No offense but this is why you are not a rep Mark shouldn't be one either. I can't stress this enough. Craig is calling out Mark BB rep not mark the person. This is a customer relations issue not a personal one. When acting in part for a company you never let your own feeling be part of that. That's part of being a professional. This is business and should be handled as such. This isn't the school yard
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    I agree fully, although i am the one usually in the trenches on stuff like this for my customers, all the niceness, helpfullness, favors, and things like that really go away when lawyers or legal things are threatened or mentioned. The guy is really going out of his way to deal with a dealership level issue, and hands down i have mad respect for visiting with a customer. To the op, please be patient and respectful as you can, it will get you so much furthur in this biz when you have an issue. On your side of the fence you simply got a mower to mow grass and its not doing the job as good as it can and you need something done about it yesterday, i fully understand, just wish dealer wouldve troubleshooted for you and came up with a fix like i wouldve tried to do and these posts wouldve been completely different on this public forum... good luck to you sir and mark tomorrow..
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    do they make a front weight kit that will fit Craig's stander like they do for ZTR's with rear baggers. Something like those on an Exmark, or maybe even a Deere setup? That would surely help him since he's such a big guy.
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    Working our way to 400 views on this hot mess of a thread.......
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    subscribed to another BB nightmare soon to vanish.
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    Sounds like a little misunderstanding has led to an escalation IMHO.

    This is a dealer issue. The dealer said the mower would handle the weight. Unless the hydro concern is weight related, the mower does move and mow. Albeit poorly.

    The question is does the mower mow poorly because of the weight load?

    IIRCC one of the concerns is being light in the front or is it too much weight in the rear. Clearly two of the concerns... bad mowing on un-even ground and the wheels digging in on starts.... seem to be weight related.

    The rep gets involved but seems the miscommunication was who was to reach out to who. The Rep said he would be at the dealership but there did not seem to be a set appointment for whatever reason.

    The threat of litigation would likely just shut me down. Particularly since the OP seems to be spoiling for a fight. He is laying down demands and threatening to record conversations with the intent to sue.

    I would just let him sue.

    Sorry but that is how I roll. I am afraid the OP has painted himself into a corner. I understand his frustration and If I were him I would be upset too. Now he has made this an adversarial relationship.

    If I were the rep, my thoughts would be... nothing I can do will make this guy happy... he wants to sue so lets wait and see. We can settle with a judge over seeing the results so this will close once and for all.

    I think all this means is riders are better if you weight more than 250 pounds.
  8. GMLC

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    I totally understnd the OP's frustrations. This has been going on for months and I have read all of his posts/threads.

    1. BB didnt even send a rep until this went public. This should have been handled months ago.

    2. The OP was clearly expecting a call on the 17th. You dont tell a business owner to expect a call sometime on the week of the 17th. That is unacceptable for us that have full scheduals.

    3. BB threads always vanish. Over the years there has been hundreds. Threads like this can help others avoid this crap.

    This should be a learning experience for us all. RUN if you still can and dont make the same mistake of the vanishing BB threads!!
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    On a side note the cut quality on the thick grass looks great. I have come to the conclusion that dry fine fescue has been the cause for many cut quality issues this year. I have experienced some myself and have read more cut quality problem threads this year than in the past.
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    All of my mowers lose cut quality when it doesn't rain in a few weeks. Not saying that is the problem, or that the mower is the problem, I hope this gets worked out, and that the OP and mark are both happy

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