NEW UPDATE on Bad Boy Outlaw Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Sep 17, 2012.

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    What horse do you have in this race? I think you have posted in this thread the most. You have seemed to take this personal. Lets not stir a pot that's overflowing:drinkup:
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    I have one here that would prolly work. It came with a Humbolt bagger for an Outlaw, and mounts under the floorboard. Only issue on the stander would be the exhaust being up towards the front, maybe have to mount the weight a different way. On the regular bagger there is a weight that slides into trailer hitch mount on front, but a slip in would have to be welded to the frame to work. Hustler or Scag's weight system that mounts on top of the forks would be kinda in the way, but might work better in this particular situation for a trial and error just to see if it would help. Average weight is 70 to 100lbs, so maybe a skinny mean wife or girlfriend could ride on the front with the blades on as long as life insurance is A lighter note...
    I hate the great dane design with the little bitty foot board between the wheels and the motor mounted on the front side of the wheel well between the standing frame, but I see how the huge inconveniece would be needed for a situation like this. Half of my shoes fit on the floorboard, and then when we had to take the motor off to seal an oil leak, it was a royal nightmare...
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    A few observations for the OP.....

    1. Should a 300lb man be using a stander? I know the frame can handle it and please dont take offense to this, but the wheelbase is short and narrow on those things and that much weight can affect the height on the edges of the deck when used on steep angles dramatically.

    2. Looks like you have some sizable yards where a sit down ZERO would actually save you time.

    3. Everyone has to raise helll with BB to get a response from them, its been that way from the beginning

    4. Who the heck is the new post whhore 290? Every third post in this thread is written by "290" and its all a bunch of self righteous BS.
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    Let's not forget that untill the OP wrote his update thread on the BB mower, he had not taken any action to try and resolve problems with the dealer OR BB. The only reason he was OFFERED any help is because a BB rep saw his thread stating he had issues with the mower, at which point the rep took action and offered to help.
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    I have nothing riding on this. I'm absolutely appalled by how this was handled.
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    This is incorrect as I have been following all of his threads. The OP has worked with his dealer and only got a hydro adjustment. He has also emailed BB directly a couple times with no response. I know when I email Stihl, Scag or Gravely I always get a response within 1-2 business days. BB has dropped the ball again....
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    You can't expect an entry level machine to be perfect in every way.*trucewhiteflag*
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    I worked for a very large construction company years ago. I was driving a company truck and long story short the person in front of me in traffic decides to stop leaving me blocking the intersection.

    Well the guy in the 100 thousand Mercedes didn't like the fact that he was now stuck (along with me) and could not go anywhere. So he gets out of the car and starts cursing at me like a red headed step child.

    I was a young guy back then and I got out ready to tear this guy a new one. Well he gets back in his car and I see him on the phone. I thought maybe he called the police but he actually took the phone number off the truck and called the company I worked for.

    Totally lied about the situation as it happened and I get a call into the office. Long story longer... I told them what really happened and even though the guy was in the wrong and my company agreed with that.

    They still said "Dave you work for us and you are in a company truck and you represent our company when you are in that truck." "So in the future you need to let the guy go off and you need to be polite and keep your mouth shut." OK!

    Which I agree with. I didn't then.

    The rep represents Bad Boy and needs to act accordingly. I agree with 290.

    One more thing. Thick grass is easier to cut with any deck. Thin grass will not cut smoothly or evenly with any mower. Turf marks are always more prevalent on thin turf and are almost unavoidable. You have to change your mowing technique and slow down on thin lawns.

    I demoed a Scag 36 stand on and I had the same issues with turf damage and wheel slip. Especially on thin turf.

    I have no dog in the fight. But just thought I would chime in with me 2 cents.

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    Customer service is even worse!!
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  10. I ask this question again, why buy a BB stander out of all brands???
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