NEW UPDATE on Bad Boy Outlaw Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Sep 17, 2012.

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    I agree !!
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    Interested to see where this thread goes....
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    "a poor worker blames his tools"

    The OP/Craig clearly has very little experience in this business. Anybody with experience would know that trying to get a clean cut on thinned out grass as seen above is tricky to do.

    As far as the weight of the operator; that's about as stupid as the "pitch your deck for better stripes" theory. I mean come on, really? the weight affects the cut quality. hahahahaha, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Yes shifting your weight on a hill provides better traction but not a better cut.

    I've put thousands of hours on standers/ stand on mowers and used a couple different brands but i have yet to use a bad boy. So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the mower works just like it should. Just cuz you suck at mowing does not mean the mower sucks. Think about it for a moment will you, the cut is horrible on thinned out lawns then all of a sudden the mower has a mind of its own and decides its gonna do an awesome jobs on thicker lawns. Don't you think maybe the mower can't get the suction it needs to cut the thinned out grass?

    Demo another name brand mower and see if you have the same cut quality, I'm pretty confidant you'll be disappointed with the results. Exmark I know for a fact will struggle with that.

    Good luck and happy Mowing!
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    You got that right!!!
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    Bb decks suck ass. The company sucks and that dealership sucks. Sell that thing for what u owe and buy a Dixie, exmark, bobcat, or even a scag. I've been in your shoes except I was told loaners always available. They lied. ASL in belleveiw is trash.... good luck buddy but almost any other machine cuts Better.........
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    I had said in another post that his problem was dry or thin grass. I've never cut such junk and hard to cut grass as this year. It was frustrating me. One lawn it cut great. Next it cut like crap. After studying I can to this conclusion on my own.
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    Lol I love it!
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    Subscribed, sitting back on couch with popcorn before the thread is deleted.:laugh:
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    A lot of us thought it would have been long before now, but.............:nono:

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