New V-Ride ??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ShaneL., Aug 8, 2017.

  1. ShaneL.

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  2. bud334

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    Looks like it's gonna be heavy on the one side. But I do like how they blended the wright into it.
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  3. JayinKs

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    Looks great!
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    BJWLAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Where did the pics come from and when can I buy one?
  5. mowingnohio

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    First off I will say I have been using V Rides for 6 years and I currently own a 36, 52 and 61. I HATE this V Ride 2.

    1. No dual pump hydros. They last forever and have a different feel on a stander versus these new hydros.
    2. The springs on the platform are laughable and look like junk compared to the old ones.
    3. Changed the side of the height adjustment. I could steer with my right hand and feather the deck with my left in needed situations. Also I use an industrial quick release pin on the height adjustments and can adjust the height from the platform. Now you can not with gas tank in the way.
    4. I use the trimmer trap chute blockers and with the gas tank and new set up there is no way of mounting them. I have one from 8 years ago mounted originally on a walk behind and still works like the day I got it. Simple and heavy duty. Love them.
    5. The battery box just looks ridiculous and is not protected and is in the wide open to be ripped right off.
    6. The steel in the covers and rims have been reduced to a lower gauge and I am sure on closer inspection you would find other areas.
    7. No outer anti scalp wheels on the deck.
    8. The control handles have been changed up. Might not be bad but why mess with a good thing.
    9. The tiger eye is mounted on the dash. No need for one and something else to go wrong and drive up the cost and reliability in my eyes.
    10. The whole deck adjustment is a lower gauge steel and different. Looks to be cheap like the SWZT mechanism now.
    11. Wider stance with less deck overhang for trimming. Which is a big deal for me. The 36 is like that but pretty sure all 36 standers are. For the amount I use it I deal with it, but I do not like it.
    12. The platform was never an issue for me and you fold it up with your foot in a second. Like how huge they were to dance around on to miss over head things or shift your weight if needed on hills. But in all honesty I might like being lower and in between the wheels. So split on this one.
    13. The old pad was curved and adjustable. I like how it curves and on hills you can lean on it if needed. But that is probably being picky.

    The Vride 1 is just indestructible and reliability is unmatched IMO. I sold my 1st one with 1200 hours with never an issue. My current ones have a little almost 200, 550 and 900+ hours. Hate to jinx myself but my worse repair has been a single belt on the one with 900 hours. I sold the one with 1200 hours with the original belt. Other than that replacing drive tires, adjusting the valves on the Kawasaki, cleaning a remounting a ground wire and routine maintenance.

    Overall it just looks cheesy and like they cheapened it like they did with their adjustable deck walk behinds and made it unusable for me and my needs. I would be embarrassed and frustrated beyond belief on that thing. I am sure on closer inspection I will find many other little short cuts they have made to lower cost. I hope Deere comes out with a stander with the 7 Iron soon and I will be making the switch if it checks out. Or I will be giving the Grandstand another hard look again. Especially with all their new attachments you can buy. I will never buy a V Ride 2 and seems Scag is going down a path I do not like with their walk behinds and standers. It is truly sad they are selling out.
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  6. dishboy

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    When do they hit dealers?
  7. ShaneL.

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    Sorry guys , my younger brother sent these pics to me so I figured I'd share them with you guys. I don't have any other info on these. im pretty sure they will have more info around the GIE Expo.
  8. ShaneL.

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    I'm a huge fan of the Ferris z2
  9. dishboy

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    You can tell the grade of steel in the wheels / covers on a painted mower from a picture on the internet?
  10. whammer33024

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    i'm actually amazed at how well he picked it apart just from pictures. theres a couple points he made that i agree with such as battery box and i don't like that they changed the side of the deck lever, but that's about all i'd say from pictures

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