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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The Turfinator, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. The Turfinator

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    :usflag: I am purchasing a new van E-250 cargo and was contemplating how to set it up. I currently have an gmc safari cargo (Astro Van) 100 gal tank sprayer and I tow a 5'x7' trailer to haul my Perma green and aerator. With more room and payload capacity I was wondering if I could fit my ride on inside plus 25 bags fert. if I sold my 100 gal and just bought a 25 gal. atv spayer for a nurse tank. Does anyone use a van and set it up this way? I also thought about the carry rack for the ride on that Perma green sells , but does'nt that get in the way of getting into the back of the van? What works for you?
    Oh yeah, I also carry a walk behind spreader in the van.

  2. sclawndr

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    Don't do it! A PG should never go in a van. Never mind whether it fits (it technically does), if you've used a PG at all then you know that "PermaGreen" and "brakes" cannot be used in the same sentence without uncontrolled laughing. The ramps needed to get in a van are too steep for anything without brakes. And just consider how much fun you'll have when the ramps get wet. Put your nurse tank and Lesco spreader inside and you'll have plenty of room for fert. The PG should ideally go in an enclosed trailer with a rear ramp door. Enclosed trailers are well worth the money - they're a warehouse on wheels that also let you professionally advertise your business on the sides and back.

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    ladder ramps dont get wet hope u bought a strech van so it all fits why not a 350?
  4. indyturf

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    I would go with the PG carrier on the back of the van. its much safer and faster to unload. I had mine made with a mesh bottom 40 inches wide so I can use it to haul a aerator or other small pieces of equipment. I don't carry a walk-behind spreader anymore (takes up too much space) I use a chest spreader for the backyards with gates I cant fit through, and a small hand-held spreader for the small spots I cant get into with the PG, I just throw it in the hopper on top of the fertilizer.
  5. sjj14

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    there was a post not to long ago on a dude trapped and killed by his perma green with that exact set up that your pic shows. I know it sounds like a one in a million mistake but i bet thats what that dude thought. someone else may be able to remember the link with the article, i cant off hand. Also my PG stinks like high heaven after some long days, I would not want to be smelling that driving around all day. Just my 2cents.
  6. Dallas Turf

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    I think you should look into a spartin box on a cut away single rear wheel van.

    a 10-12 ft box will handle all of your gear and they are not much more than a regular van.

    They can be configured with a curb side door to access your sprayer and a spring loaded fold down ramp on the rear that you should be able to safely load your perma green. There was a thread here a while back discussing someone who was killed by their perma green being pinned in a van. The box van will give you a 6-7 ft tall box.

    Something else to look into other than the ford van is a dodge sprinter, they have a 5 cyl mercedies diesel and I have talked to several people who are getting 20+ mpg w 1500-2000# of cargo.

    A little long winded but just my .02
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  8. The Turfinator

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    Wow what a tragic story! I don't think I will ever be able to put my PG inside the van now. I've decided to keep my 100 gal. tank in case my PG breaks down and I have to go old school and pull the hose, and i'll tow my PG with my 5x7 trailer until I purchase a carry rack. I like the idea of having a mesh floor on the carry rack to haul an aerator. Also I heard people carring a hand spreader in the PG hopper ( saves time going back in forth to the van.) Efficiency is key! :weightlifter:
  9. indyturf

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    I can tell you from experience you wont want to use the spray tank if the PG is down for a day or two! I have 2 of them setting in the shop and I just cant bring myself to use them even if I have to wait a day or two for a part for the PG its better than dragging that hose!!!
  10. jkranium

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    I agree, it is much nicer to fix the PG and get riding again. I have the PG carrying rack on the back of my vans and a 50 gal freshwater nurse tank in the back of my Express vans. I also carry a hand spreader and backbacks and it works great, especially if you have a slider door on the side. All the flexibility you need and more than enough capacity for several days work.

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