New VOLT Technology - Diffusion with Micro-Lenses


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I'm very excited about this new product - VOLT Multi-Beam Diffusion Filter Kits.

Two Kits: With Lamp and Filters Only

While these may seem to be ordinary diffusion filters, they are, in fact, a brand new technology using micro-lens diffusion. These are microscopic lenses embedded in a clear material - precisely configured to widen beam angles with a minimum of lumen loss.

The filters are very thin and flexible. They fit into the provided ring that snaps securely onto the MR16 lamp.

The kits contain 4 grades of diffusion that deliver precise beam angles depending on the source lamp's beam angle.

One of the kits contains an AMP 12º LED MR16 lamp. This lamp is included because (with the filters) it yields 5 widely-used beam spreads - 12º, 25º, 35º, 65º, and 80º. An incredible set of beam angles to bring maximum design flexibility to the field.

If you start with a lamp of a different beam angle, just refer to the chart to see the resulting new angles. For example, if you start with a 60º lamp, your resulting angles go up to 117º - an extremely wide spread (like a wall wash) - using a spotlight!

One final note - when you view the chart, you'll see in each row two beam spreads for each filter (green and red). These two numbers represent the normal mode (angle-spreading - in red) and source-hiding in green. We suggest using the angle-spreading whenever possible - it is more energy-efficient than the other mode. The source-hiding mode is specific for applications where the lamp face may be visible or where you are looking to further smooth out the beam.