New VOLT Top Dog Mini (MR11) Spotlight

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    Even though this thread is supposed to be about volt mr-11 top dogs, Looking at 12 red dot high voltage fixtures going in at a property tomorrow, there are no stickers. There is a tiny UL raised symbol in the casting on the knuckle. There are stickers on the wire that will be in the boxes. There are ways to mark the product legally without revealing to curious eyes where you bought it and what you paid for it.
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  2. Ganny

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    Could you elaborate on the "amazing things" and "Get ready to be blown away" remarks. Which specific things are you referring to? Thanks!
  3. steveparrott

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    Ganny, this is an old thread - nearly a year old. I can't speak for Tim's comments. But if you want to see what VOLT's been up to for the past year, please check out our sponsor forum. You'll see literally dozens of new products introduced during that time.

    And there's more that have just been introduced (but not discussed yet - because initial supplies are limited). And others to be released soon (Alan mentioned some of these in his last post).

    This is an exciting and rewarding time for the VOLT® team - and (we hope) a profitable time for everyone using these new products.
  4. Ganny

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    Hi Steve, I wanted to bring this old thread back because I don't believe Tim or anyone else has provided any details on the new "amazing" "blow-you-away" products, and it does not appear than any of the new products that have been publicly released since Tim's message (including the AMP fxtures) fit Tim's description. I want to know more!
  5. Chris J

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    Ganny, maybe you are just too difficult to impress. Easy solution to that..... just drop it and move on.

    LED comparison.jpg
  6. steveparrott

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    Thanks Chris. Life's too short.

    Onward and upward!
  7. Ganny

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    How did you come to that random hypothesis? I have been waiting since last year to learn more about the new amazing fixtures and am simply following up for an update.

    What was the purpose behind the image you posted? It does not identify the name of any new Volt fixture and the VOLT website does not identify any new spotlights to my knowledge.
  8. steveparrott

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    Ganny, again, I can't speak for Tim's comments, but I think you're missing the bigger picture. Just look at the fact that VOLT® has released (probably) more new products during the last year than all other manufacturers combined - all of them premium quality at great prices. I don't like to use the word 'amazing' but if you knew what it takes to bring new products to market, you might pick that word.

    Then there's AMP® a whole new division, about a dozen new cast brass products designed from the ground up with IR dimming, replaceable optics, and other features that make this one of the most (if not the most) impressive product line in the industry. Add to that the fact that AMP® is delivered with a distinctive business model (built solely because our customers requested it).

    Finally, what one might also call 'amazing' is the team behind the scenes at VOLT® and AMP® - top industry engineers, designers, communicators, and e-commerce pros - all led by one visionary man willing to invest in bringing all this to industry pros such as yourself.

    Ganny, our intention was not to create some dazzling new products to astound or amaze, it was to build a company that offers the new products and services that best serve your needs; and, that will support your success in the short and long term.
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  9. Alan B

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    Steve mentioned many things but let me clarify and answer your specific question, Tim was specifically referring to the AMP® Product line that had not yet been released. For details on that visit here:
    The specific reasons he said "amazing things" is because of what the AMP One fixtures offer.

    1. The flagship AMP® One fixture ( can do so many things.

    a. With its adjustable lumens it can replace a 75 watt halogen down to a 2 watt halogen.

    b. With its interchangeable lens it can be a 12 degree beam spread or a 60 degree beam spread. Without any optic it can be close to a 120 degree beam spread.

    c. With this flexibility a contractor can load up his truck with a stock of AMP one fixtures and know he always has the right fixture--he doesnt need to buy specific outputs or beam angles for every specific application. It makes stocking fixtures (and installing) easy for the contractor.

    d. The contractor can install all the fixtures then invite the client outside to view the install and get the clients input to see if there is any final fine tuning the client would like to see. If the client wants the front door a little brighter--click, click it is done. The home facade a touch softer, click, click and its done in 10 seconds. It provides a 'bespoke' customized result to their exact desires and with their involvement for a remarkable experience. The client feels like their portrait of light was custom tailored to what they wanted.

    e. It's color is amazing, its not just 2700 K but the chips are a 2 step macadems (meaning they are right on top of the black body curve which achieves true color temp (no tints of pink, green). Kelvin color temp nor CRI are accurate enough for great output (i've seen 2700K that looked really different in both temp and tint), you need to pay extra for great binning and then color mix your chips for even better performance. We have done that.

    f. The beam angle of the optic is not enough either. (just look at the photo Chris posted and see how different the effect can be depending on the optic and quality of the chips binning). Most companies buy off the shelf optics, however we custom designed ours to perfectly match our chips, the chip footprint and the end results that we wanted. As a result our beam pattern is extremely even, smooth and has nice soft edges. The results on the wall are remarkable.

    g. The fixture itself is cast brass, it has machine threaded body for a tight seal, it has an adjustable glare guard, it has a lifetime warranty and is only available to contractors.
    h. The lumen adjustability is so simple-- just use the up or down arrow on the remote control-- no programming or complicated controls.

    Tim felt a better beam pattern, better color, high quality Cree chips, adjustable lumens, adjustable beam angles, adjustable glare guard, cast brass construction, machine threaded body, lifetime warranty, always in stock, all orders shipped same day, UL Listed, exclusive to contractors... and all for a better value was nothing but amazing stuff.

    I hope that helps clarify. Feel free to call AMP® Lighting (the AMP banner is at the top of this forum and is a hyperlink to the AMP® website) if you have any questions.
  10. Ganny

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    Thanks Alan - your answer was on point and much appreciated. In the past I preferred the Volt MR16 fixtures (such as the Top Dog) but the new AMP spotlights appear to be quite impressive. Thanks again.

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