new vs. used, and the winner is?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olderthandirt, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Everyone knows the benefits of buying new equipmentWarranty, Warranty, Warranty, and you pay for it. But if you buy used equip, you let someone else take the initial $$ hit. BUT repair are expensive, not to mention lost time, and you don't know how it was taken care of. There's always a reason someone getting rid of equipment. And we all know that you make the used equipment look and run like new till you get the cash. So what are some of the things you would never or likely never buy used and /or always buy new?

    Mac :confused:
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    I bought my TTHP48 used for $3200, and it was like new. I save about $2500 and it was well worth it!
  3. Shuter

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    I like new, but when I find a deal that is a winner I jump on it. Examples of recent deals: Stihl FS 85 (bought in May) & FC 72 edger ( a few years old) both for $150.00 and 16 HP Billy Goat Debris Loader, 1 year old for $350.00.
    3 Years ago Stihl BR 400 back pack blower $100., still main back pack blower today.
  4. Bought my Toro 580-D used. I really like it but it now has over 6,000 hrs.

    I was just talking to my wife this morning about a NEW one.
    A new one might last me the rest of my life. I'm 57 and figure I could about use one up by the time I'm in my mid 60's.

    I think they list for $82k, buy one for mid $70's. It's only numbers till you get to the bottom line.
    If the "income vs. payments" work out I just might buy one.
    So I guess there ain't no "always" or "never" for me.

    Unless it's a list like ffshuter's. I'd probably buy stuff that cheap but I'd never tell anyone.:D

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    I buy both, I hate putting a newbie employee behind a brand new machine. But I like a new machine on occasion. There are alot of great deals on used commercial equipment if you know where to look. I was lucky enough to find a guy who only buys and sells used equipment. He buys out alot of businesses and auctions. But he has a mechanic go through every machine before he sells it.

    I have boughten 4 w/b, 1ztr and numerous trimmers/blowers and have gotten more than my moneys worth. He will even buy equipment back if you blow a motor. I bought a gravely hydro pro 50 4 years ago never did anything but preventitive maint. run it for 1400 hours , blew the motor and he bought it for 25% of the original purchase price.

    You guys just need to find the right people to buy from and rool the dice, it keeps overhead lower and parts are much more readily available.

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